Moto X series getting the boot, get ready to welcome the Moto Z

Moto Z

According to a report coming from a very reliable source, the folks at #Lenovo have decided that the #MotoX lineup is not doing the company’s fortunes any good. Hence, it is said that the entire lineup will be henceforth known as the Moto Z. It is further believed that there will be two flagship phones this year, known as the Moto Z Style and the Moto Z Play, succeeding last year’s Style and Play models.

In terms of additional features, it is said that the new Moto Z lineup will give the LG G5 and Friends a run for their money with something known as MotoMods. These will be user-attachable accessories like stereo speakers, a camera mount with optical zoom and a pico projector. It seems like Lenovo is putting all its eggs in the Moto Z basket this year after what was considered a relatively plain flagship last year. But the competition is quite fierce this time around and it behooves the company to change accordingly.

Further, the Moto Z branding is supposedly going to be consistent going forward, including with Verizon models. This means that the VZW version of the Moto Z Style or Play will simply be known as the Moto Z Style/Play: DROID Edition. This will avoid confusion to a great extent and maintain consistency among its handsets.

Are you excited by this new revelation? We surely are.

Source: Venture Beat