Lenovo rolls back the years with new teaser for the upcoming Moto flagship

Moto Z Teaser

With the #MotoZ lineup expected to be announced soon, #Lenovo has started teasing its arrival already. The company is supposedly holding an event on the 9th of June, so it seems like we’re not far away from the announcement of the next-gen Moto flagships. In order to generate some interest among Moto’s core fans, Lenovo has decided to┬áinfuse some nostalgia by showing what looks like an advert for the Moto Razr.

It’s not a bad way to get in touch with the early Moto fans who have now probably upgraded to an Android or an iPhone. So what is Lenovo hinting at here? Will we get to see a revolutionary device like the Moto Razr next month? Well, probably not, given that large touchscreen devices have become the norm now.

We will hand it to Motorola’s marketing team though, this is a clever way of building hype for an upcoming device. What do you think?

Source: YouTube

Via: The Verge