Google’s confirms intentions to launch a Daydream based VR headset

Google Daydream VR

When #Google announced #Daydream yesterday, fans (like me) were filled with excitement about its prospects in the mobile industry. The company even released a reference design that would allow third-party manufacturers to produce hardware meant for Daydream.

This led to speculation that Google wasn’t too keen on building its own hardware. But that doesn’t appear to be the case with the Mountain View giant officially confirming its intentions to bring a virtual reality headset that would work with Daydream. In other words, the headset would be marketed by Google as “Daydream Ready”, much like what Samsung and HTC are expected to do.

It’s not known if this new VR headset range will come under the Nexus moniker as Google hasn’t shared more details on that front. But it does go to show that Google is really taking virtual reality seriously this time. While there’s no timeframe mentioned by the company as of yet,¬†we expect the device to be available sometime during the Fall.

Source: Google

Via: Phone Arena