Google’s 3D Touch rivaling software has apparently been delayed

3D Touch

3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus is perhaps the most attractive feature we’ve seen on a flagship in recent memory. There was some talk that #Google will be introducing software support for this particular feature with Android N. A new report is now suggesting that the company has delayed the rollout of this particular feature and will wait a while before sending it out to future Android N handsets.

It is said that the update might be bundled with a simple maintenance patch, while hardware should most likely be ready by then. Google’s hesitance to enable the feature right away suggests that there might be some issues that the company has come across. Or perhaps there are still some reservations about the feasibility of this feature on the Android platform.

While Apple has made it quite simple by enabling the feature on practically all of its native apps, Google won’t have an easy task on its hands, especially with OEM handsets which come with a different set of apps. So until Google can get manufacturers on board with the idea, we don’t see this working out. That being said, it is welcome news that Google has contemplated using this particular feature with Android N.

Source: Recode