Google could reveal Android VR hardware at Google I/O next week

Android VR

Rumors about #Google looking to step into the virtual reality segment have been floating around for quite some time now. The rumor is further being substantiated by a new source now, who has mentioned that Google could look to show off a new virtual reality based hardware known as Android VR.

The source mentions that Google is taking virtual reality very seriously and is hoping to take a step towards something big for the future. It is acknowledged that Google’s new VR headset will not be on the same scale as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

This is because Google intends to make it a standalone offering, meaning that Android VR won’t have to rely on a smartphone to function. The source further mentions that it will be better than Samsung’s Gear VR headset, which inspires a lot of confidence.

Needless to say, the Android VR features will also be integrated into Android N, so Google won’t necessarily keep Android VR separate from its mobile offerings.

Interestingly, this will be the first time that the Android name will be attached to a hardware unit, so it seems like we’re going to see a few firsts at the I/O next week.

Source: @peterrojas – Twitter

Via: Talk Android