Google Photos supposedly has 200 million active users

Google Photos

#GooglePhotos is one of my favorite cloud services for backing up photos and videos taken natively. It seems like there are about 200 million people like me with Google today making the announcement of the service breaching the 200 million active user count. It’s quite a milestone, no doubt, but far from satisfying for Google, considering the sheer amount of Android users out there.

However, 200 million will be a good start and the company will hope that the coming months will see an increase in users as more people become aware of its benefits and the features that it will bring to the table. Not only is Google Photos secure, but it also brings the convenience of viewing your photos from any corner of the world with practically any device (assuming you have your Google account credentials).

It also cleverly lets you save up native storage on your device by recommending the deletion of certain media files if your storage is running low. Have you tried out the service yet? Make sure you give it a try if you haven’t yet.


Via: The Verge