Galaxy S7 charging very slow and showing water damage, other issues

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While some liquid-damaged phones continue to work normally, most becomes erratic and can be a source of frustration. In one of our issues in this post today, we show you what you need to do if you encounter a similar situation with your #GalaxyS7.

Below is the complete list of issues addressed in this material:

  1. Predictive text on Galaxy S7 (Marshmallow) keeps suggesting Google contacts
  2. [Solution] Galaxy S7 messaging app not showing notifications
  3. Galaxy S7 camera won’t save photos
  4. Galaxy S7 charging very slow and showing water damage

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Problem #1: Predictive text on Galaxy S7 (Marshmallow) keeps suggesting Google contacts

Upgraded from Galaxy S5. With the upgrade, I re-signed into my Samsung and Google accounts and it autos synced them both. Upon using my phone, every single contact that I’ve every emailed in the last 7 years has been added to both my contacts on the Contacts app, as well as the dictionary. Maybe, as it suggests random email addresses as predictive text when I’m typing the sms text app or within the Gmail body of an email to someone. Not only this, but it has decided that predictive text (for either the Verizon text app, the Samsung included text app, the Gmail or other emails/ body of the email) should include these random email addresses as the first suggestions, rather than an actual word, i.e.: I want to say “5pm” and it suggests in to the predictive text options about 50 different email addresses from random responses to Craigslist that start with the number 5 (ie  5392038-3ddfd;[email protected]) and you can long press to delete and it might move a few out of there but the next time you type the number “5”, all of those suggestions come right back.

I have un-synced my contacts, removed permissions from the app or accounts. the only thing that seems to work (temporarily) is to un-sync the Google account altogether; then clear cache and history on the messaging app and it fixes the problem for anywhere from 2 to 8 hours, but eventually, it comes right back. It is not the Verizon messaging app as the stock Samsung messaging app does it as well. It is not the language and keyboard, (tried reloading and two of those). it is not the samsung account, disabled that.

All signs point to the fact that this phone has Marshmallow (Galaxy S5 did not do this) and that it’s synced to the Google account (gmail contacts are coming up, even though I’ve gone through every single contact and ‘other contact’ in Gmail and deleted those that I don’t want, there is still a history somewhere, that is being used for predictive text).

The problem is solved by un-syncing google account, but then I no longer get email notifications from my gmail account. Disable that and downloaded Gmail through the pop server email and this also works for about 2 to 8 hours, but eventually, it find the old info and this also causes a back up error on my phone and I fear my contacts on the phone are not getting backed up.

This problem is posted all of the internet, but no long term solutions have been posted, other than using a random new gmail account with no email /contacts loaded for the phone, but then when you go to your regular gmail account, the phone recognizes it and starts syncing up your dictionary and contacts and of course, predictive text. Vz store reps couldn’t figure it out, Android forums have no solution, please help 🙂

I have wiped this phone 3 times in less than 2 weeks, and there is no way to un-sync and still have the phone operate the way I need it to and use the apps I need to be able to use.

Lollipop didn’t cause this, but somehow either galaxy s7 or Marshmallow is.

thank you! — Brandy

Solution: Hi Brandy. Samsung uses T9 predictive text system in its mobile phones. T9 works by “learning” the texting pattern of a user or by using manually added words and phrases to its dictionary. Depending on the T9 version on your device, it may or may not have the capability to tap into a Google email history to update its dictionary of words. Also, predictive text systems like the T9 needs some time to “learn” in order to update its dictionary, which is why the same “problem” recurs after a few hours of using your device.

There’s no way to know for certain if this issue is caused by a bug introduced by Marshmallow update, or isolated to Galaxy S7 devices only. The thing is, we’ve not seen this issue mentioned in official Samsung and Google sites so we are not sure if they are aware of this problem. Other third party Android forums mention some predictive text issues but not the same exact problem (on a Galaxy S7) you’re having. As there are many parties involved in making your phone’s entire software ecosystem work, we doubt if there’s any way to know where the problem lies. If the same problem keeps coming back even after you’ve factory reset the device, we suggest that you simply turn predictive text off for now until a resolution for the issue can be released.

Problem #2: [Solution] Galaxy S7 messaging app not showing notifications

I’d been having sudden issues with the messaging app not sounding notifications for texts received. I saw a similar question answered on your site suggesting to reset the phone. I thought it might be useful to mention that if the application manager notifications settings are turned off while the messaging apps are on, the application manager will override the messaging app. 

I couldn’t figure out why my notifications suddenly stopped working and I immediately checked the messaging app settings, which were all turned on.  I was at a loss for what to do and found this site where one suggestion was to clear the cache through resetting.  I was curious whether I could clear it through the application manager, and that’s when I noticed that messaging notifications were blocked. So, thank you for indirectly leading me to a solution for my individual problem. I thought this might be a quick, easy setting check that could keep some users from jumping directly to the manual reset option.  Thanks again. — Stephanie

Solution: Hi Stephanie. Thank you for bringing this topic up. You’re right. Unchecking the “show notifications” box under Settings>Application manager>app>Application info should override whatever notification settings you have set for a certain app. We should have mentioned this in our article but we apparently missed it though we are also aware that tapping on Clear Data button will automatically restore the default notification setting as well.

We greatly appreciate your effort in reminding us of this simple solution. We’re positive that our Android community will find this helpful.

Problem #3: Galaxy S7 camera won’t save photos

“Warning: server error occurred. Restart camera”

I also can’t seem to locate the serial number in the phone.

Apps seem to work. I had factory reset the device and tried to do the list of suggestions, to no avail,  When I try to take pictures, the camera freezes, (I couldn’t figure out how to activate the safe mode. I did what was told, but safe mode never came on (maybe there’s other buttons for safe mode?) It  then gives me the error occurred message, and no pictures will save.

Oddly, I can record video and that saves, but I can’t for the life of me take or save pictures.

I even took it into a Best Buy and asked the Samsung department, but they seemed clueless as to what to do, just saying that it might be a Hardware issue. When the day before I took it into another Best Buy and they said it could be a software issue.

The camera and photos where not working before I ever added apps to it. So I know the apps aren’t causing the issue.” — Kit

Solution: Hi Kit. The help that we offer in our blog is limited to software solutions. Usually, software-related troubles can be fixed once you do a factory reset. If the same problem occurs after a factory reset and without apps installed, that’s an indicator that hardware is to blame. There’s only so much that you can do on your end. Keep in mind that your device only works if both the hardware and software are operating normally.

The cause of the problem is most probably a bad camera hardware but it won’t hurt if you try using a different SD card to see if that will make any difference. Otherwise, you really have no other effective solution than to look for a way to have your phone replaced.

Problem #4: Galaxy S7 charging very slow and showing water damage

So i was trying to charge my phone (S7) and it told me there were 6h until it was fully charged, and i thought it was the charger. so i looked up for the original and when i plugged it in, it said the same. then it said it had detected moisture but i hadn’t used it in water nearly in more than a week, and then i couldn’t make it to charge until 14h later when i came back and it started charging but SO slow. in 20min it had 4-5% and now i am really worried, and also my volume down key button is kind of not that clicky. I am scared. I would like to know when you recieve this, just as confirmation. — Jose

Solution: Hi Jose. Although the new Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are dust- and water-resistant, it does mean that liquid or water can’t find its way inside. Technically, the IP68 certification (dust- and water-resistance) only provides protection at a certain level. Submerging your phone in water deeper than 5 feet for over 30 minutes can cause this protection to fail. Exposure to other water sources like pressurized faucet can also result to water damage as the phone is not built to without such environment for long. And the most important thing to remember as well is that water-resistance only works if the physical safeguards — case integrity and port covers — are in place.

If your phone was accidentally exposed to water without the proper port covers, you can assume that water may have penetrated inside and has caused the current problem.

Try to check if the Liquid Damage Indicator (LDI) has been tripped. It is located inside the SIM tray slot just below the SIM card frame. If you remove the tray, you should see it. If the LDI shows as pink, that means that there’s no water damage. However, if the LDI is brown, that’s bad news.

Water damage can result to all sort of problems for an electronic device and the only way to know about the problem is when symptoms start showing up. If the charging problem occurs after exposing your phone to liquid or water, you can assume that some hardware may be damaged at this time. You have no other choice but to ask Samsung to check the device so it can be repaired or replaced. Water-damage automatically voids the warranty so you can expect to pay for service or replacement.

On the other hand, if the charging problem is not due to liquid damage, you can start troubleshooting the device by doing some software solutions. Power management is governed by your phone’s operating system and can be affected by glitches or app bug. The first thing that you want to do is to see if one of your apps is the culprit by rebooting it in safe mode.

Safe mode prevents third party apps from running so it’s a good way to identify if one of your installed apps is to blame. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off your phone.
  • Press and hold the Power key.
  • As soon as you can see the ‘Samsung Galaxy S7 EDGE’ on the screen, release the Power key and immediately hold the Volume Down key.
  • Continue holding the Volume Down button until the device finishes rebooting.
  • You may release it when you can see ‘Safe mode’ in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Once the phone has rebooted to safe mode, try to charge the phone again and observe it. If the same thing happens, try to do a more drastic solution–factory reset.

As the name suggests, factory reset will restore all software settings back to defaults just like when it’s freshly out of the factory. This means that any bugs or glitches introduced after using the phone for some time, or after installing updates or apps, will be totally eliminated. It’s the surest way of making sure the device’s software turns back into a clean slate. Now, after a factory reset, you don’t have to install your apps right away. Be sure to charge the S7 without any apps for as long as you want so you’ll know if the problem can be resolved on your end or not. Remember, factory reset will erase everything off the phone’s storage device so ensure that you have created a backup before proceeding. Here are the steps on how to do a factory reset:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
  • Press and then hold the Home and Volume UP keys, then press and hold the Power key.
  • When the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge shows on the screen, release the Power key but continue holding the Home and Volume Up keys.
  • When the Android logo shows, you may release both keys and leave the phone be for about 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Using the Volume Down key, navigate through the options and highlight ‘wipe data / factory reset.’
  • Once highlighted, you may press the Power key to select it.
  • Now highlight the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ using the Volume Down key and press the Power button to select it.
  • Wait until your phone is finished doing the Master Reset. Once completed, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and press the Power key.
  • The phone will now reboot longer than usual.

Now, just like what we said above, if factory reset won’t resolve the charging issue, your device may have hardware issue that we are not aware of. The cause of the problem can range from a bad USB port, a malfunctioning battery, a damaged motherboard. Have the phone checked by Samsung so they can recommend whether repair or replacement is needed.


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