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Galaxy Note 5 losing battery fast in idle mode, other issues

Battery drain is a perennial issue for most smartphones today and even flagship models are not immune. We’ve already covered many power- or battery-related issues in the past but let’s take a look at one issue below. It is submitted by one of our #GalaxyNote5 users. Don’t hesitate to consult more of our previously posted Note 5 troubleshooting tips and solutions in this page.

Below are the issues covered in this article today:

  1. Galaxy Note 5 losing battery fast in idle mode
  2. Galaxy Note 5 screen freezes and turns black when loading apps
  3. Screen of Galaxy Note 5 won’t turn on after charging
  4. Galaxy Note 5 dial pad during calls not working

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Problem #1: Galaxy Note 5 losing battery fast in idle mode

My Samsung Note 5 n9208 drains battery fast even in idle mode. I already done the steps you have said including the factory reset and wipe cache. I take out the temporary data stored in your device by wiping its cache partition from the recovery mode.

I already start my phone in Safe Mode and check if the fast battery drain issue occurs in this mode. i also go to the samsung service center to check my battery but they said that the battery is in good condition.

i monitor my battery details and it is always the Android system drains the battery.. It’s on the top of the list sometimes its 22% then the second will be the screen which is about only 5%.. the phone is always on idle mode.. and i didn’t install any applications.. the only thing i did is go to the CELLPHONE SHOP and change the firmware to openline with baseband N9208XXU2AOJ3 so i can use other network provider..

And also there is no MANAGE APPS tab in the smart manager application under the RAM.. can you please help me to solve my problem regarding fast draining of battery in idle mode.. — Marvin

Solution: Hi Marvin. Identifying the real reason why a smartphone loses battery power faster than usual is sometimes a tricky business. There are a number of factors to consider and the best that you can do in most cases is to use the process of elimination in figuring out which of said factors is to blame.

That the usual software troubleshooting steps, like the ones you’ve already tried, don’t work, is an indication that you may be looking at the wrong direction. It must be noted that a Lithium-ion battery like the one on your Note 5 continue to lose power even if you’re not actively using the phone due to following reasons:

  1. too many background apps and services running at once
  2. screen is turned on and brightness is high

The first one is most probably the cause why Android system appears to be the number one in the list of power hungry apps. The current firmware and/or carrier provided apps may be sucking your phone’s battery power. Keep in mind that although Android operating is developed by Google, carriers can also modify it so they can add or remove some features and apps that will help them sell or promote products. These products may not be necessarily important and may even be redundant. They not only take up precious storage space and memory but can also consume more resources like processing capacity. The more apps and services running, the more processing activity has to be made by the system, resulting to faster battery power consumption. That’s the reason why these carrier or Samsung provided apps are often referred to as bloatware as they require resources without really giving any significant function or benefit to the user.

To address potential problems with bloatware, make sure that you go over the list of apps on your phone and uninstall or disable those that you’re not using. For example, Samsung’s Galaxy apps are often redundant and offers similar functions or features to some Google apps that may also be installed. Take your time in identifying apps that you haven’t used in two weeks. If you haven’t used them for that long, chances are you’re never going to in the near or far future.

A word of caution though, don’t just uninstall or disable a service or app. Make sure that you do only uninstall or disable stuff that are not part of the critical operating system functions. Uninstalling/disabling a critical app or service can render your device unstable.

Another reason for fast battery drain problem is screen brightness. Even if you’re not using the phone, a turned on screen can consume considerable amount of battery power if left on for a long time. Make sure that you enable a lock screen and set the screen to turn off automatically if you’re not using it for a few minutes. Also, disabling animations and non-essential wireless services like Bluetooth, NFC, etc may help.

Keep in mind that today’s smart gadgets aren’t that smart when it comes to managing battery consumption. You have to use your own smarts if you want to extend the battery life of your phone everyday.

Problem #2: Galaxy Note 5 screen freezes and turns black when loading apps

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and in the past few weeks I have been experiencing freezing issues with different apps. When that happens, phone becomes unresponsive.. That worked for me until yesterday. I was using the Feed Baby Pro app and it froze. I restart the phone again. I noticed the startup takes slightly longer than usual.

The Samsung logo comes on, but after that, my screen is just blank/black except the top notification bar. I also notice everytime I restart, the same error messages come up, it seems as though the same apps are running each time. The few things that still work are the Voice command, where I can tell the phone to open Gallery or Videos, or send messages. Gallery and Videos will open up just fine, but when I try other apps like Whatsapp, Play Store, it goes back to the blank/black screen. When I double press the home button, to switch between running apps, the app that I have just asked to be opened will flash by and return to the Voice command screen. It looks like the phone is able to open or close apps but I can’t see it?

Also, my phone screen is locked using pattern. Since this problem, the initial pattern screen doesn’t come up anymore. And when I connect to my laptop using USB, it says I need to unlock phone screen to allow backup or data transfer.

Are you able to please help? I really don’t want to reset my phone and have all data wiped. If there is any way I can transfer data from my phone before resetting it? That would be extremely good.

I hope I have provided enough information, if not, please shoot me an email. I look forward to hear from you guys, and thank you in advance! — Sze

Solution: Hi Sze. First of all, we don’t send responses via email as that would defeat the purpose of our blog, which aims to offer free advices to Android community via visible posts.

As regards your trouble, we highly recommend that you try to boot the phone first in recovery mode so you can check if wiping the cache partition will help. During the first boot up, just after you bought the phone, the system will create files for each app and service. These files will be stored in a certain directory only the system could access; the directory is called cache partition. Over time, some of the files get corrupted especially during updates. If the new system tries to use them, conflicts may occur. Hence, you need to delete the obsolete files so that the new system will create new ones but since you don’t have access to those files, you need to use the procedure that Android developers setup for you–wipe cache partition via Recovery Mode.

So, you need to boot the phone up in Recovery Mode first before you can wipe the cache partition. Here’s how:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 completely.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up and the Home buttons first, and then press and hold the Power key.
  • Keep the three buttons pressed and when ‘Samsung Galaxy Note5’ shows, release the Power key but continue holding the other two.
  • Once the Android logo shows, release both the Volume Up and Home buttons.
  • The notice ‘Installing system update’ will show on the screen for 30 to 60 seconds before the Android system recovery screen is shown with its options.
  • Use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘wipe cache partition’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • When the process is complete, use the Volume Down key to highlight the option ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key to restart the phone.
  • The reboot may take a little longer to complete but don’t worry and wait for the device to become active.

If wiping the cache partition won’t change anything, that’s possibly because of a firmware glitch. There’s also a possibility that the phone may have been infected with virus or malware, creating a conflict with the operating system or some apps. Doing a factory reset is the next logical step to address these issues. Unfortunately, there’s no way to create a backup of your personal data unless the screen turns back on normally when you connect it to a computer. You need to do a number of selections on the phone screen so you can connect it properly with a computer. If that’s not happening, there’s just no other option to create a backup. You must proceed to factory reset without it.

Problem #3: Screen of Galaxy Note 5 won’t turn on after charging

After a working day my phone was left without battery. (as usual) I charge it for a while and after some minutes tried to open it again.

After showing the first Samsung Galaxy Note 5 logo, the screen continues to SAMSUNG logo with the sort kind of music and those animations like stars in the background. The screen remains at this status for more than 3-4 minutes. Then a black screen comes. Short notifications are appearing in between, telling me that the device “can’t subscribe to the network and try again later”,”Settings discontinued”, OK, “TouchWiz interrupted”, “the process discontinued”, “contact storage interrupted”, “Google Play interrupted”, “the SD card can be removed safely”, etc…

Although the information bar at the top of the screen is another indication that something is working behind this black curtain… the swipe down menu works! Although it’s impossible to enter the settings menu… The Voice Command worked for a while. I asked the calculator, it opened! -I asked: “Call Mariza”, It tried to call her. I saw the picture but the call ended due to no network. (Now voice command doesn’t work due to no network although it seems connected to my wi-fi!)

When I return back from voice command menu, I see for less than a second my wallpaper with all the known icons I used to have on my first page.  I can’t unlock my device using the PIN I have, so I can’t connect it properly to my computer for a full backup. I don’t want to lose any data on this phone. Even a single photo, or  a note, a telephone number or my app data.

So I do not wish to have a hard reset.

I tried to turn it on Safe Mode but it is not possible!

Do you think there is a way to bring it back as it was yesterday?

Thank you in advance for your help and excuse me for my English (I’m Greek…) — Nikos

Solution: Hi Nikos. Looks like your issue is similar to Sze. Kindly read our advice above for resolution.

Problem #4: Galaxy Note 5 dial pad during calls not working

My Note 5 suddenly stopped registering responses when I am trying to make digital menu selections. for instance, when a website asks that I press 1 for english, and I press 1, the monologue continues as if I haven’t entered a response (o dos, si quiero hablar espanol). when I try to set up or check my voicemail, long pressing 1 gets an error message that my call cannot be completed as dialed.

Also, when I try to return a call that I have missed by highlighting a call on my call log, I get the recording that I am trying to make an international call and that is not part of my calling plan. the problems began shortly after I switched to AT&T, and had inserted a Verizon sim card (the Note 5 was bought while using Verizon), so that I could forward calls from my Verizon number to another number. I was working on the border with Mexico at the time (although I was in Texas), and possibly picking up a Mexican cell tower. That part of the issue happens a lot.  — Franklin

Solution: Hi Franklin. We’ve encountered this problem before  but did not realize that this issue appears to happen only on Verizon phones.

Basically, everytime you press a key in a dial pad after you are prompted to do so, tones or sound signals is supposed to be sent to your wireless carrier or to a company to tell them to do a certain task. Each key that you press is converted into two tones of different frequencies (one from a high-frequency range of tones and the other one from a low-frequency range). The sounds used in this touch tone dialing system is called DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple Frequencies) tones. Sometimes, DTMF configuration in a device like a smartphone may not be set properly or not at all, resulting to the problem you describe above. To fix this problem, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Settings
  2. tap applications
  3. tap phone
  4. tap DTMF tones
  5. choose long


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