Boost Mobile’s new $65/month plan comes with 10GB of data each for two lines

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#BoostMobile has just announced a new data plan that could attract a wide range of customers. For just $65 per month, the company will give 10GB of data each for two lines. This is in addition to unlimited texts and voice minutes, making this a truly appealing proposition for prepaid customers in the U.S.

The pricing is only valid if you enable Auto Re-Boost which basically auto-renews your data cap every month with a credit card. Well since most customers have a credit card anyway, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The fact that you’re practically getting 20GB of data for just $65 makes this hard to miss. One key thing to remember is that Boost Mobile’s data networks only work wherever Sprint has coverage. So if you don’t have Sprint’s network in your region, this is probably not meant for you. While Sprint’s coverage is nowhere near AT&T or Verizon’s, the carrier has come a long way over the past couple of years. So make sure you check with the carrier for feasibility.

Source: Sprint

Via: Android Central

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