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Xiaomi Yeelight Night Light Review

You may have heard of this fast growing company in China  called Xiaomi that has been releasing Android smartphone models that consistently sell well. The company is quite popular in Asia and in fact had a great 2015 coming in as the 5th largest smartphone vendor worldwide behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei, and Lenovo.

Unknown to most of you the company also creates other products aside from smartphones. One such product which we will be reviewing is the Xiami Yeelight Night Light, available for $69. Unlike ordinary night lights this one is more advanced since it can be controlled via Bluetooth using your Android or iOS device. Because of this, we can say that it is a smart night lamp.


  • Dimmable: Adjust color temperature and brightness for a comfortable glow
  • Color temperature: 1700K-6500K color temperature gradual change function
  • Lamp type: High quality Osram lamp, high color rendering index
  • Touch Control design: Use touch and slide to adjust brightness / Power off delay / switch light mode / adjust color as you want
  • Remote Control: Use your smartphone to unlock more advanced options


The Xiaomi Yeelight looks like a cylindrical tube. It has a sturdy base that has a circular rubber stopper that prevents it from skidding. The main body is translucent making the LED light from inside glow. The LED itself is rated at 10 watts which you can set at its maximum or minimum brightness level.

Speaking of the LED light, you will be able to choose what color you want it to emit. According to the company you can choose from as much as 16 million different colors and adjust its intensity. This can be done manually by touching the device or  by using your smartphone and connecting to it using Bluetooth. A separate power adapter is included in the package which when plugged to a power outlet provides the necessary power for the device. Take note that this does not have a built-in battery.

yeelight color

Overall, the design is quite solid and shouldn’t break easily.
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There are two ways of using this night lamp. You can just plug it in then use the controls on top to manually set the color and intensity of the light that you like. I however suggest that you download the Yeelight companion app to your phone which you can get over at the Google Play Store or Apple’s  App Store. Setting up the app to control the Yeelight night lamp is quite easy. Once the app is installed it allows you to control how the lamp works like scheduling the on and off time or fine tuning the color and intensity of the LED. Using your smartphone you can swipe to the different settings to get the desired light you want. You can set the color of the light to red, orange, yellow, pink, blue or whatever color you prefer.


Overall Assessment

For consumers looking for an alternative to the dumb night lamps that they are using then the Xiaomi Yeelight makes an interesting choice. This is definitely an upgrade if you are still using the regular night lamps that you just plug in overnight as this device has more features.

Some of the advantages of the Yeelight which I personally like are as follows

  • Can be remotely controlled via Bluetooth
  • Helps reduce your power bill since you can schedule it to turn off.
  • It has a premium look to it and matches any home decor.
  • Does not overheat even if used overnight.

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