Unlocked HTC 10 comes with WiFi Calling by default

HTC 10

WiFi Calling is the future, as several carriers have shown so far. A new revelation made by a popular site has suggested that this feature will no longer need a carrier branded smartphone to work. It has been found that the unlocked #HTC10 carries WiFi Calling by default. This means that customers who own an unlocked HTC 10 should be able to make calls and texts over their home WiFi networks.

This is only if the carrier has WiFi Calling support, of course. It was supposedly tested in the UK as well as the U.S., so this could be a trend among mobile manufacturers going forward. The setup is said to be quite simple and takes a couple of minutes to get started once you insert the SIM card of your choice.

It is found that WiFi Calling can be disabled conveniently from the dialer settings menu, so it seems like HTC has thought a lot about the feasibility of this feature before bundling it into the device. The HTC 10 is touted to be one of the best devices on the market right now and this new found feature makes it even better. Are you contemplating the purchase of this device? Let us know.


Via: Android Central