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Review: Noontec ZORO II Wireless Bluetooth NFC Headphones With Great Sound for Around $100

Though not yet a world-renowned brand, the Australia-based Noontec is a widely recognized manufacturer of headphones and audio equipment in general.  Their high-quality products and stellar reviews make the brand a great alternative to competitors such as Bose or Beats.

Just like Beats, Noontec market themselves as an audio brand that strives to combine excellent sound quality with modern design. Their Noontec Zoro II Wireless headphones, which connects wirelessly via bluetooth 4.0 or NFC, seem like a great choice for people who prefer wireless listening.  Overall, this set is one of the best wireless headsets for the price that we have seen on the market.

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Design and Build

Available in two colors, including red on black, and baby blue on black, Noontec Zoro II are definitely a very attractive pair of headphones. The appearance do have a bit of Beats Solo to it, especially the color choices, but they definitely add their own flavor to it.

Probably the biggest surprise is just how lightweight these headphones are. Weighing only 164 grams, the Zoro II feel very comfortable even when worn for many hours. Where Beats decided to artificially increase the weight of their headphones with metal weights to make them feel more substantial, Noontec trusted their product and its durability. We can say that their decision definitely paid off because the Bluetooth headphones are very well made and the light weight doesn’t make them feel cheap at all.

The overall comfort is made even better thanks to a pair of pivot joints, which automatically accommodate all head shapes and sizes. The soft padding on the headband and earpads feels nice on the skin and lets in enough air to prevent you from getting too hot. That’s something that all gamers will surely appreciate.

Where Zoro Pro, the popular wired version of these headphones, came with OFC flat cable with 24-carat gold-coated connector, the Noontec Zoro II rely on the latest version of Bluetooth technology to deliver crystal-clear sound and provide users with long battery life of 35 hours. Pairing can be done using the built-in NFC chip, and four playback control buttons allow listeners to pause and play their music, increase or decree the volume, or answer calls without ever taking their smartphone from the pocket. A discreet LED indicator light shows the current status of the headphones and lets you know when you need to plug in the included USB charging cable.

However, if you run out of juice, you can still continue listening to your music, just by connecting the provided 3.5mm audio cable into the 3.5 audio jack. That way, you can decide if you want to be as portable as possible or save battery life.

Sound Quality

The beating heart of the Noontec Zoro II headphones is a pair of 40mm dynamic drivers that are capable of reproducing sounds between 13-26,000 Hz. Given the fact that the headphones have an impedance of just 32 ohms, you should have absolutely no problem getting the most out of them even without a portable headphone amplifier. When you use them with one, you may experience a slight change in the overall character of the sound, but the quality should remain unaffected.

Generally, these headphones put a slight emphasis on the mid-range and let both bass and treble take the more subdue approach. The resulting sound signature is very neutral and suitable for all music genres. It really helps that the headphones are very responsive to equalization, allowing you to tweak the final sound exactly to your liking. Dance, electronic music, rock, or orchestral music sounds simply amazing. There’s essentially no distortion even when you really crank up the volume to the maximum level.

Probably the only thing that failed to impress us on Noontec Zoro II Bluetooth headphones is the microphone. Instead of being on the cable, the microphone is built into the left earcup, which may not be ideal for accurate sound positioning. The quality of the microphone is on par with what you can expect from your average pair of OEM smartphone earbuds. It does the job, but don’t expect any miracles.


  • Above average build quality
  • Removable flat cable
  • Comfortable even after long use
  • Foldable design


  • Caller may hear own echo when using wireless headset for phone calls
  • Ear gets hot when worn for prolonged period or during active activities

What’s in the Box


The headphones come with a nice suede carry case, 1.2m flat cable, and a slim user manual. The carry case is really just a soft pouch, making it not very useful in terms of protection it provides. What it does great is keep the headphones clean and shiny.


Noontec has done it again: the company managed to produce another fantastic pair of headphones that beats just about every other pair in the price range. The Zoro II is a versatile solution for everyone who can appreciate the combination of great design with excellent sound quality.

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