Motorola supposedly denying several warranty claims

Moto By Lenovo

Several customers are alleging that #Motorola or #Moto is not entertaining warranty claims. Some users who have seen their devices going bust within the warranty period are seeing their requests being declined, with the company apparently claiming that they don’t have replacement units at their disposal.

The Motorola Support team has gone as far as to say that these are orders from the corporate division, effectively ridding themselves of any responsibility in the matter. However, one has to wonder as to whether this is a deliberate ploy to decline warranty requests or a genuine issue that Motorola is facing at the moment.

The company hasn’t clarified its stand on the matter officially, so we only have consumer reports to go with at the moment. It seems like Motorola will have to do some damage control to get ahead of this issue. Have you faced similar issues while registering a warranty request with Motorola? Let us know.

Source: Reddit

Via: Phone Arena