‘Huawei 7P’ trademark hints at the arrival of a Nexus tablet

Nexus 6P

The #Huawei #Nexus6P has been a very popular device in the #Nexus lineup. Although the sales figures might not be extremely flattering, it is without a doubt one of the best Nexus devices to have come out of Google’s sheds. There has been speculation that this fruitful partnership could grow further in the form of a full blown tablet, well, according to rumors anyway.

Some of those rumors are partially being substantiated now with the “Huawei 7P” moniker just getting trademarked. This is standard practice before the imminent arrival of a device and could well be our first hint that Huawei is involved with the much awaited Nexus tablet reboot.

However, nothing is set in stone yet as we still don’t have a device before our eyes. But the day might not be far away when Google eventually unveils the Nexus 7P tablet, featuring state-of-the-art specs and a design that is reminiscent of the Nexus 6P (hopefully).

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Source: USPTO

Via: Techno Buffalo