Galaxy S6 running Marshmallow can’t create backups when connected to Wi-Fi, other issues

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If your #GalaxyS6 has problems after updating to Marshmallow, it may be a good idea to spend a few minutes of your time checking this post. Other unrelated issues are covered here as well. We hope that we help Android community by publishing this article.
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  1. Galaxy S6 keeps getting “unfortunately contacts has stopped” error
  2. Galaxy S6 running Marshmallow can’t create backups when connected to Wi-Fi
  3. Galaxy S6 won’t install a different theme and showing “Unfortunately Themes has stopped” error
  4. How to get text messages logs from Galaxy S6 that keeps on rebooting
  5. Galaxy S6 won’t turn back on

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Problem #1: Galaxy S6 keeps getting “unfortunately contacts has stopped” error

I have gotten the error message “unfortunately contacts has stopped” for quite some time and randomly. Today,  as soon as I hit the phone icon the error message pops up and then shuts down. I cannot dial a #, Contacts are actually accessible despite the error msg. So I tried numerous fixes: disable Google+, disabled and enabled Contacts, and dialer default apps. Then cleared all of their cache and data. I’ve then cleared system cache in settings. Then went to recovery menu and cleared cache partition. Then I gave up on ever being able to make a phone call. I used the Samsung voice command to “open dialer”…and it worked. THE MICROPHONE FIXED THE PROBLEM!!! omg! So just thought you might want to add that as a possible simple fix to begin troubleshooting procedures. I haven’t found my exact issue on the net…nor the fix. — Karen

Solution: Hi Karen. Android troubleshooting can sometimes be a hit-and-miss as demonstrated by almost all our posts. Software issues on Android devices involve so many variables that there’s no definite science in terms of troubleshooting for an average user. If you’ve read our others posts for other devices, you’ll notice that our solutions don’t vary much when it comes to app problems. We’re glad though that you did find a workaround for your issue on your own.

As a general rule, we recommend that you check the angle of a possible involvement of a third party app in your case. Samsung’s Dialer and Contacts apps are generally stable and not a lot of users have problems with it across many devices. We think that one of your apps is to blame for the issue though. We say you try a factory reset and observe how the dialer and contacts apps work after that. Make sure that you don’t install apps during the observation period to know the difference.

Factory reset will wipe out your phone’s memory so make sure to create a backup of your files before you proceed. Although there are two ways to factory reset your S6, we suggest that you do it via recovery mode. Here’s how:

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power keys together.
  • When the device powers on and displays ‘Power on logo’, release all keys and the Android icon will appear on the screen.
  • Wait until the Android Recovery Screen appears after about 30 seconds.
  • Using the Volume Down key, highlight the option, ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and press the Power key to select it.
  • Press the Volume Down button again until the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ is highlighted and then press the Power key to select it.
  • After the reset is complete, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key to restart the phone.

Remember, doing a factory reset will all go to waste if the problem is caused by an app. Make sure that all your installed apps are updated and comes from a reliable source. If you’re not sure whether or not a particular app can be trusted, simply ignore and don’t install it.

Problem #2: Galaxy S6 running Marshmallow can’t create backups when connected to Wi-Fi

Since Marshmallow update I can’t do backups from my Galaxy S6 using Wi-Fi. My carrier is T-Mobile. Several lengthy calls to T-Mobile Tech Support. A total over several hours. Two visits to T-Mobile store. Four hours total. We reset phone to  factory settings. It does updates without using Wi-Fi, in other using T-Mobiles network.

I called our cable provider they did some troubleshooting and they determined the Wi-Fi in the home is working fine. Our laptops and iPads connect no issues. All downloaded apps on the phone are working but I cannot do updates at all using Wi-Fi. I have cleared cache and memory on Google Play Store, reset to factory settings, reinstalled all setting (this was done at a T-Mobile store). They were able to do updates using their Wi-Fi in their store), however when I got home I cannot do this using my Wi-Fi. Cox cannot fix the issue and T-Mobile can’t either.

The phone which I bought outright in December 2015 was having no issues prior to Marshmallow update. I’ve turned Airplane on and off, as a possible cause, nothing works. T-Mobile has offered to send me a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S6 no charge. My worry is that the replacement will have the same issue. Google Play Store is the only issue on my phone. It’s built into the phone. I’ve forced stop, reinstated the app twice. I’m at a loss.

My phone was working fine prior to Marshmallow update.

I know you folks aren’t lawyers. I paid just under $600 for this. T-Mobile never sends new phone unless the phone goes haywire within 14 days of purchase. Refurbished phones are their normal policy. It seems to me with so many people having this issue a class action lawsuit should be put into effect. Can you help? Thank you. — Susan

Solution: Hi Susan. First of all, we don’t work for Samsung (hardware maker), Google (Android developer), or T-Mobile (carrier that provides your phone) so if you have some gripe with their product, be sure to contact them directly. We’re here to offer free software support for Android community in general and we don’t get paid by any of these companies.

Secondly, we’re aware that there are a lot literature readily available online that shows how Android Marshmallow update created a mess of some devices. On the surface, it may seem that the new operating system (OS) is causing all the troubles since the issues started to appear after the update was installed. The fact is, Google’s product cannot be the only reason for all these problems.

For one, Marshmallow is a developing OS. Early adopters are expected to encounter bugs that may have escaped Google’s quality assurance team. No system is perfect and Marshmallow is a typical example of that. Although it’s been officially released, the developer is expected to fix problems that the product will encounter as it interacts with different platforms and apps in the near future.

Another reason why OS updates appear to cause stability or other problems is incompatibility. Before releasing their new product in the wild, Google gives third party developers enough time to do adjustments on their apps to minimize bugs. Sometimes, developers may not have the resources anymore to update their apps, or may have simply abandon them entirely. This means that not all third party apps, and some of them may be installed in your device right now, are ready to work with the new OS during its release. If a poorly coded app can lead to conflicts with the OS resulting to problems, think about multiple ones installed on your phone.

Many Android users think that OS updates automatically update apps as well. Well, they cannot get more wrong about it. App developers are supposed to release updates for their own products as well but in reality, this does not happen right away. This is the reason why problems can occur left and right after a major Android update. Sometimes, updating apps can fix the problems quite easily though.

With so many devices running Android, not all developers may have the resources to release a properly coded product at the right now. Which brings us to our suggestion: if the issue persists after doing a factory reset, make sure to get rid of apps until you have eliminated the source of trouble.

If you think that the Google Play Store app is the root cause of the problem though and factory reset appears to be impotent in fixing it, go with a phone replacement. You may not want to use a refurbished phone but if you want to spare yourself from hassle, it’s your only way out.

Problem #3: Galaxy S6 won’t install a different theme and showing “Unfortunately Themes has stopped” error

Hi. Melissa Cavanaugh. Samsung Galaxy S6 with 6.0.1.

I work really hard to organize everything, so I’m really annoyed with my phone.

I’ve tried soft reset, restart and ultimately a full factory reset. It sucked having to start over. I went to Settings >Themes and accidentally applied a native theme,  which had an eye-wrenching Sawtooth background. I couldn’t delete it or remove it. I tried applying the theme I actually wanted, called metal,  and it changed the theme on the home screens, but not the others (Settings, contacts, messages etc.). I managed to get rid of the Sawtooth background, but I can’t get them to somehow got the sawtooth background away, but the monozigzag still says it is applied, while metal keeps the options to delete or apply.

I don’t want to  use another theme because you never know if a theme is going to take away your folders and general setup. I keep  trying to apply metal, but then it hangs for a bit until I get a message saying “Unfortunately Themes has stopped.” — Melissa

Solution: Hi Melissa. We understand that theming a device is highly subjective. What’s nice for one may be the total opposite for you. The thing is, changing the theme on your device is the only way to go for you. Some themes may offer some options to customize some aspects of the phone while others may simply fully implement whatever the developer designed it to do. Some themes are simpler while others can affect a lot of cosmetic changes to make the phone look totally different.

If you are getting an error when applying another them right now, that’s probably because of your own doings. Try to restart the phone and see how it goes. If nothing works, simply restore all settings via factory reset again.

Problem #4: How to get text messages logs from Galaxy S6 that keeps on rebooting

When I installed the Marshmallow update on my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S6, it basically crashed my phone. The phone constantly turns itself off and on, freezes and turns off when certain apps are opened, drains the battery, etc. Verizon sent me a new one and I’m trying to transfer all my data/apps/settings/etc over to the new phone (which does not have the Marshmallow update yet).

The main problem is that the old phone can’t seem to access text messages. Whenever I try, the phone freezes and turns off, which means that any apps to transfer or backup my data that would need to access my text messages also make the phone freeze and turn off.

I’ve been able to piecemeal some of the info that’s most important to me over to the new phone, except for texts and I really don’t want to lose that history. Is there was a way I could save the file where texts are stored or some other way to bypass whatever glitch is being triggered. Any suggestions? — Ashley

Solution: Hi Ashley. There’s no way for you to access the exact file or folder for text messages unless you root your phone. Rooting your phone means putting your phone at risk of voiding the warranty or bricking it. Either way, we think losing your text history is better than not getting a working S6 from your carrier. Besides, there’s no guarantee that rooting can actually help you extract your SMS logs since you will still need to install or use a file explorer to get  them.

Problem #5: Galaxy S6 won’t turn back on

Downloaded Sleep Boost app last night to get sleep during finals. Deleted it this morning. Then, I was in the library, I received a text message, responded. Received another and didn’t check it for a while. When I went to check my phone it wouldn’t turn on. No light when plugged into the charger, but when wirelessly charging it shows that it can fully charge.

Tried a multitude of button combinations and I can only get to a screen where my options are: Start normally, Factory Reboot, Start in Safe Mode, Shut phone off, and USB Debug Developer.

I am only allowed to select everyone with the home key. I’ve clicked on all of them and nothing happens. I held all of the buttons together for a while and a crazy mixture of horizontal colors appeared. This went away with powering on and holding volume down. Still nothing. I just updated the phone two days ago with the newest android – Marshmallow. Leaving it on the charger overnight with little hope. Any info will help! Thank you for your time! — Andrew

Solution: Hi Andrew. A bricked S6, which means there’s a software glitch behind the problem, usually still allows you to boot in other modes like Safe Mode, Odin Mode, or Recovery mode. Yours may not be software issue though. It’s probably a hardware-related problem so your best bet is to call Samsung, your carrier, or the retailer (whichever is applicable) so they can run diagnostics.

If the phone was previously dropped or exposed to liquid or extreme temperature, there’s a chance that the screen assembly may have been damaged. If the phone still vibrates and make notifications but the screen remains black or unresponsive, be sure to ask for a unit replacement.


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