Galaxy S5 unable to update apps via Play Store, other issues

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The Galaxy S5 is a proven, reliable platform for years now but now and then we receive interesting reports of problems. We discussed some of these issues below.

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  1. Galaxy S5 discrepancy in Storage readings | Galaxy S5 unable to update apps via Play Store | Visual Voice Mail app cannot store additional voicemails
  2. Galaxy S5 turns off on its own and won’t power back on unless the battery is removed
  3. Galaxy S5 Power Sharing popup keeps showing when charging
  4. Galaxy S5 black screen and unresponsive touchscreen

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Problem #1: Galaxy S5 discrepancy in Storage readings | Galaxy S5 unable to update apps via Play Store | Visual Voice Mail app cannot store additional voicemails

I’m getting the triangle with exclamation point icon when updating apps from the Play Store as well as warnings that I cannot store anymore voicemails in my Visual Voice Mail app.

I have my phone rooted but the operating system is stock. I’ve never had any update to the system because I rooted the phone immediately after buying it to delete bloatware and to be able to access other processes and files and to eventually install a custom ROM.

I have a list of my memory from the phone’s factory storage drawer. It is as follows:


Total space 16GB

System memory Required 4.42 GB

Used space (for apps, etc…) 11.07 GB

Cached Data 19.99 MB

Misc files 638 MB

Available Space 0.97 GB

External Storage 32 GB

23 GB free


Now, I’ve moved every possible app to the external SD card and I have TiBu sending all the weekly back ups to my Dropbox storage online. I’ve got all video and photo stored on external SD.

In order to see what may be on internal that I can move to external SD, I removed the ext. SD card and when I do the storage numbers did this.


Total space 16 GB

Syst. Mem. 4.42 GB

Used space 1.55 GB

Cache 19.67 MB

Misc files 9.03 GB

Avail space 0.98 GB


The used space jumped from used space slot and onto miscellaneous files and lowered its amount by 2 GB.

Now, when I checked the used space for the apps on the internal memory it has nothing that can be moved to ext. Sd card

 Now this is where it gets weird. For me anyways. I now go back to check the storage and this is what I get. Mind you I have not remounted the ext sd card yet.

I only checked the misc. Files by tapping on misc files in storage page.

 The used space has gone back from having 1.55 GB to 9.98 GB

Misc files has changed from 9.03 GB to 618 MB

The available space is still 0.98GB

What in the world is going on here? When I remount Ext sd card it goes back to the first set of numbers. Also at one point the misc files line in storage completely disappeared and was no longer being displayed in the line or on the graph bar.

Now I know some things about phones that most people don’t because for the last six years or more, since my Samsung Captivate, I’ve been rooting and running custom ROMs and doing all kinds of things and learning from the guys and girls at XDA forums so, I’m not a noob and I’ve always had Samsung Galaxy S phones from the Cappy to S2, S4, S5 and a few other models in between because I have a need for two phones.

So I’m no stranger to the Samsung Galaxy world. They all have the same memory issues and I hoped that the S5 with its 16 GB built in the phone would solve the problem but, between Samsung, Google and TMo all throwing their garbage into the phones OS, it’s right back where it was with prior phones.

More space, more crap they put in. There are doubles and triples of everything in the OS from calendars to contacts to app managers to download manager to dialer and other stuff. I have no idea what these things are.

I’ve deleted as much as I felt safe doing and froze more. Just in case something went wrong I could defrost it and be okay I clear cache regularly for all apps using the phones app manager and individually clearing each.

I don’t clear my browser cache and history much because I use this phone, S5, for work and I’m on the web a lot and need to go back to things I’ve bookmarked or just in history but it could have been three or four months ago when I looked at it but need it now. So maybe that has someting to do with part of it? But the history and cache and Google browser saves get cleared about every six months. I do have four Gmail accounts as well as a Ymail account that are all active and necessary in my phone and they’re synched with my second phone for contacts and emails. All games are on ext. Sd card because I play games with high memory usage but most are also server based games so the storage isn’t crazy but still pretty high.

I hope you have an answer for me that will help solve this thorn in my paw that I’ve been dealing with for six years now. I don’t want to do a factory wipe and reset dalvik and all that unless I have to. I don’t get over the air OS updates because of the damn Knox app has my phone tagged as custom even though it’s just rooted, no customization has been done but soon if I have to reset anyways.

Thanks in advance for your time and help. — Ken

Solution: Hi Ken. The figures you see under Settings>Storage are approximations made by Android OS based on reports it gathers when it scans the device’s  storage device. Most of the time, the readings are almost accurate although they may vary depending on some factors like the condition of storage devices being scanned (whether they are corrupted or not), direct or indirect influence of third party apps, or the general condition of the OS itself.

Storage devices, both internal Nand chip and external SD card, can get corrupted or damaged resulting to faulty readings when you check Settings>Storage section. If you get conflicting or inconsistent readings from time to time when you check this section, that may be an indication that one of your storage devices is encountering an error.

It’s also worth noting that third party applications can cause conflicts with other apps and the OS leading to inconsistent storage readings. Unfortunately, there’s no pinpoint way to know for sure what that app might be. If you suspect that this is the case, you can try to perform a factory reset and observe how the phone behaves after every installation of every one of them. We know this may sound impractical, especially if you have tons of apps but it’s the only way to identify a problem app.

Sometimes, firmware or OS problems can also give inaccurate storage readings. While rare, OS glitches on Samsung devices do occur from time to time so make sure that you do a factory reset if you think this is the problem. The error you’re getting when trying to update apps via Google Play Store and Visual Voice Mail app may also be linked to a bad app or an OS glitch so the best thing that you can do right now is do a factory reset to see the difference. If you are not able to update apps thru the Play Store, that’s probably due to an outdated Play Store app itself. Make sure that it’s running the latest version before trying again. If that won’t work, consider wiping the cache and data of Google Services Framework app.

The same is true for the Visual Voicemail app. Make sure it’s updated to the latest version. If it continues to fail to receive more voicemails, contact it’s developer for direct assistance.

Problem #2: Galaxy S5 turns off on its own and won’t power back on unless the battery is removed

I have the same issue as reported in the page, Samsung Galaxy S5 won’t turn on unless the battery is pulled out and placed back in. I followed the advice and am still experiencing the issue. I used my phone just fine last night, plugged it into my charger as usual, and then this morning, my phone was dead.  I thought maybe the charger wasn’t plugged in or something but that wasn’t the case.

I pulled the battery out, put it back in and it powered up just fine. Since then though, it will periodically die…not power down, just die. The screen is black and the phone is unresponsive.  I have to then pull the battery out, put it back in and then turn the phone on. 

Also, I thought I would monitor it while it was charging and twice (out of maybe 5-6 times) it froze on the red Verizon screen with a blue indicator light on.  Again, had to take the battery out and put it back in to get it working again. Thanks for the help. — Jonathan

Solution: Hi Jonathan. If the solutions we outline in this page did not work out, the most likely reason for the problem is hardware in nature. If you’ve noticed, all of the solutions except the one that says to check the power button, are all designed to isolate if the issue is caused by software. A random reboot problem can be a sign that a part/s of the device is not working as expected.

The first thing that you can try it so see if the battery is okay. If your S5 has been around, it’s possible that the battery may have lost significant capacity to hold a charge. Some of the common indicators of existing battery problem includes fast power drain, sudden battery level drop while using the device normally, or a physical bulging on its side. If you are experiencing any of these, buying a new battery may help fix the issue easily.

If the problem remains even with a new battery inserted, consider having the phone checked by Samsung so they can diagnose the hardware error.

Problem #3: Galaxy S5 Power Sharing popup keeps showing when charging

When charging, a pop-up would show that I needed to download Power Sharing because I was not able to charge my phone. I looked up The Droid Guy and found my exact issue! Yay! I went through both sets of troubleshooting steps, and it completely wiped out my entire phone. All accounts, all apps, everything on my SIM card, everything on my calendar.

I suppose I blindly followed TDG advice, and did not realize I was clearing everything out of my phone. BUT, I would at least have felt better about it IF it had ACTUALLY WORKED to get rid of the Power Sharing thing! 

Please help. I accept my fate insofar as I will have to re-enter calendar events, download all of my games and apps…etc… However, I would love some help with this re-building of my phone process. AND I still need help with being able to charge my phone. What’s the deal, anyway??? I am not phone power sharing!

Thank you. — Sandra

Solution: Hi Sandra. We’re sorry to hear about your data loss. We assume that you read the pop-up message that warns users of potential data loss if you proceed with factory reset.

To your issue, the problem may be a bad charging port or a faulty charger. If the issue lies on the charging port, it may be the reason why your phone thinks you are trying to plug in an OTG (on-the-go) cable everytime you connect a charger. There may be a damaged wire or connector in the charging port that triggers the error everytime you plug in your charger. Unfortunately, the only way to resolve an issue like this is either repair or replacement.

Before you have the phone repaired or replaced though, make sure to try another charger to see if that’s the issue. Make sure that you use a Samsung provided charger.

Problem #4: Galaxy S5 black screen and unresponsive touchscreen

I was driving the other day with my phone accidentally in my back pocket. I didn’t even realize it was there until I came home. When I turned on my phone it was like broken glass where certain areas lit up greenish and others were black. I tapped on the screen a bit and the black areas increased in size until the entire screen just became black. Now my phone still vibrates, still has sound, the menu and back buttons still light up and are responsive, and I can receive calls, but the screen is unresponsive because I tried calling myself and swiping but it wouldn’t work. I have to look very closely to see 3 scratch lines on the screen, so it’s not even a major crack or anything. Should I try a screen replacement or do I need an LCD Display & Touch Screen Digitizer Assembly? I have scoured many forums and haven’t been able to find someone in my exact situation, so I wanted to ask before I spent any money on replacements. Any advice would be wonderful. Thank you. — Kien

Solution: Hi Kien. The three major components of a screen assembly — the digitizer, the LCD, and flex cable — may have different functions but they are very closely connected that damaging one may result to a complete malfunction of others. The digitizer is the thin glass on top of the screen that converts your finger inputs into signals while the LCD is the screen that shows you images. The flex cable on the other hand is responsible for allowing signals from digitizer to be communicated to the logic board.

Based on your problem description the problem could be on both LCD and digitizer. The black screen can be attributed to a failed LCD screen while the cracks or pressure may have damaged the delicate digitizer. We recommend that it’s better to replace the entire screen assembly rather than piecemeal replacement in this case.


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