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[Deal] Samsung Level Box Mini Bluetooth speakers for $59

Samsung Level Box Mini

The #Samsung #LevelBoxMini speakers are now available for just $59 from eBay. This is an amazing price on portable Bluetooth speakers such as this one and we recommend you give it a closer look if you’re contemplating the purchase of a wireless speaker.

Usually, when prices are this low, users are concerned as to whether it’s a refurbished item. But in this case, the retailer is offering a brand new model of the speakers which makes the deal even sweeter. There’s no telling how long the pricing will be valid, so we suggest you hurry if you want to snatch this up.

The seller is only offering the speakers in Black at the moment, so your color options are fairly limited as of now. In any case, make sure you head over to the eBay page to gather more details on the deal.

Get the Samsung Level Box Mini Bluetooth speakers for just $59 from eBay!

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