[Deal] Beats by Dr.Dre Mixr DJ on-ear headphones for $109

Beats Mixr DJ

Audiophiles love Beats headphones. Well, the Beats by Dr.Dre Mixr DJ headphones can now be grabbed from eBay for just $109. The headphones are available in three attractive neon colors, so there are multiple variants to pick from.

Mixr DJ headphones can be likened to Beats Solo headphones in form and functionality, but the trendy colors give it a unique look. It’s not known at this point as to how long the deal will last, but it makes sense to grab it while you still can.

We must mention here that the units being offered are brand new and come directly from the company, so you’re not dealing with a refurb item here. If you’re interested, make sure you hit the eBay listing page from the link below. With Neon Yellow, Neon Orange and Neon Pink to choose from, you might be spoilt for choice here.

Get the Beats by Dr.Dre Mixr DJ on-ear headphones for just $109 from eBay!