[Deal] 4,000 mAh power bank for $13.99

8000 mAh battery

Online retailers usually have a myriad of power banks on offer. So much so that customers are usually spoilt for choice. A deal over at Amazon might be well worth your look as the retailer is offering a decent 8,000 mAh battery unit for just $13.99. This here comes with a single charging port, which is perhaps the only caveat on an otherwise stellar looking product.


It’s very similar to most power banks that are sold in the same capacity, so you’re not getting a fancy design onboard here. It seems like the retailer only has the power bank in a Pink color variant at the moment. All things considered, the looks or appearance is a non-issue when you’re getting a highly portably 8,000 mAh extended battery for just $13.99.

We’re not sure if this is a temporary deal or something that will hang around for a bit, but knowing the nature of deals, one can never be too sure. The listing mentions that the device is usually priced at $49.99, so you’re already saving pretty big here.