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User finds Galaxy S4 melted after using the Galaxy S6 edge charger


Galaxy S4

Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging tech lets compatible devices charge up in double quick time. However, there’s something that most users (sadly) don’t know. It’s that these chargers are only compatible with a certain set of devices.

A reddit user has found this out the hard way. According to user generictuna, she slept with the Galaxy S6 charger hooked on to her Galaxy S4 and by morning, both the charger and the smartphone were fried/melted. While it’s natural to assume that the charger might have done this to the device, some believe that it was probably the other way round. The Galaxy S4 supposedly has a history of shorting out, so this theory has some credence as well. However, it just seems like the phone was drawing more power than it could handle, thus resulting in this.

It’s important to know that Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Chargers only support the post 2015 Galaxy flagships (Galaxy S6, S6 edge, Note 5 and so on). So keeping this in mind, it wouldn’t be feasible to use an older Galaxy smartphone or a third party device with these chargers. This incident has yet again reminded us that technology cannot be taken lightly.

Source: Reddit

Via: Techno Buffalo

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