TAG Heuer bringing new collection of smartwatches in 2017

TAG Heuer - Android Wear

#TAGHeuer released its first premium #AndroidWear smartwatch last year with a relatively steep asking price of $1,400. The company has now announced that there will be more coming over the course of 2017, with “six to eight models” said to be incoming next year. The company’s current offering is priced at $1,400, but despite this, it is said to have sold relatively well for the company.

With the company keen on releasing more variants, we’re guessing that there will be¬†more affordable models available as well. This should help TAG Heuer establish itself in the Android Wear segment. It’s yet to be ascertained as to when in 2017 these smartwatches will be revealed, but the company has stressed that this will be a “real collection”, so it seems like the releases will be spread apart.

The company expects the smartwatch market to grow significantly and estimates that this market will make up for 1/3 of its business in the years to come.

Would you be interested in TAG Heuer’s new range of smartwatches?


Source: Reuters