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Samsung launches new voice recorder app for the Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

The #Samsung #GalaxyS7 and the #GalaxyS7 come with a variety of features on board, but if there’s one feature they lack, it’s a standalone voice recording app. Well, the company has now officially released a new voice recorder app meant specifically for the two smartphones. It’s not really a big deal considering that voice recorders are available in abundance on the Google Play Store, but it’s an important feature nevertheless since it’s coming directly from the manufacturer.

But it’s not just a voice recording app. Samsung has bundled in a couple of features which makes this a very attractive app to have. For starters, users will be able to mark notes within recordings to quickly jump to a specific point in the recording. Further, the voice memos feature lets you convert the audio that you hear on a recording into text.

And if you’re big on NFC, you can link an audio recording with an NFC tag near you so that the device automatically starts playing the recording everytime you tap the assigned NFC tag. This might not be a widely used feature, but it’s good to see that Samsung is offering it to the customers. You can download this app for free from the Google Play Store link below.

Source: Google Play Store

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