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Samsung Gear S2 apps have increased exponentially since its launch

Gear S2

The #Samsung #GearS2 was released back in August 2015 by the company with availability following shortly after. A new report now mentions that the available apps for the smartwatch have increased by four times since the smartwatch was released. This is excellent new for Samsung and goes to show that there are developers out there working to build apps for Samsung’s smartwatch platform. People were initially skeptical about the Tizen platform, but Samsung has clearly silenced the critics now.

However, the app situation for wearables is still nowhere near decent, given that the concept is still in its infancy. For now, Samsung will take this as a win and urge more developers to write apps for the smartwatch. The Gear S2 features a circular display, so there is no limit to what the devs can do in terms of features. Do you own a Gear S2? Are you satisfied with the apps situation on your smartwatch? Share your thoughts below.

Source: Samsung

Via: Android Headlines

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