Samsung Galaxy S7 will tell you not to charge your phone when it’s wet

Samsung Galaxy S7

According to a revelation made by an XDA user, the #Samsung #GalaxyS7 and the #GalaxyS7edge will have a moisture detection feature, which will let you know if the charging port is damp while you plug in the charger. It is said that users get a “Moisture detected in charging port” error, so as to avoid unnecessary water damage on the device.

It is said that the user tested the smartphone for an underwater photo and plugged in the charger about four hours later, but still got the error message. This suggests that Samsung’s moisture detection sensors are extra alert, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as water damage is the last thing you would want from a smartphone that is supposed to be water-resistant.

The smartphone is yet to hit the markets commercially, so only a select few users have the device in hand. So we’re not really sure if this is an official Samsung feature.

Do you think this is a good feature to have on the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 edge?

Source: XDA Forums

Via: Techno Buffalo