Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Is Unresponsive Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another part of our troubleshooting series where we aim to help our readers fix the #Samsung Galaxy #S5 problems that they are experiencing. In this latest installment of the series we will tackle the Galaxy S5 screen is unresponsive issue & other related problems. When this problem occurs you won’t be able to do anything with the phone since it appears to be frozen. We will also tackle several other screen related issues such as the usual black screen issue and screen flickering issue.

Samsung Galaxy S5

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S5 Screen Is Unresponsive

Problem: After the update, my screen appears to go unresponsive after being locked for a while. It will not acknowledge attempts to access the camera, pin, or notifications. I can not even get the shutdown/restart menu to appear by holding the power button; though my phone will vibrate like it is going to. I have found that pulling the battery is will get the screen to work again, but then somewhere between 10 minutes – 2 hours the screen is doing it again.

Solution: If this issue happened just after the software update then it’s possible that it could be caused by data issues. Data from the old software version may not have been completely removed during the update and this is now causing the problem. To fix this you should first try to start your phone in recovery mode then wipe its cache partition. This process delete the temporary data in your phone and usually helps. If the problem still occurs then it is highly recommended that you do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data so make sure to create a backup copy first.

S5 Black Screen After Phone Dropped

Problem: Hi my mum dropped her s5 from no more than 2ft got a tiny crack in screen, the phone itself is still working as can hear notifications etc but the screen is black. Any idea how to fix this. Thinking it must be a wire or something. Thanks for your time

Solution: If the screen got cracked after the drop and you can’t see anything anymore but you can hear the notifications then there’s a possibility that the display got damaged.  You should however check if there are other factors causing this problem by starting your phone in recovery mode. If the screen is still black when trying to get to the recovery mode then this is already a hardware related problem caused by a damaged display. You will need to have the phone checked at an authorized service center. There’s a chance that the display will have to be replaced to get the phone working again.

S5 Screen Goes Black

Problem: My screen goes black. In order to turn it off, I have to take the battery out. Now when I put the battery back in and turn it on, I get a whole lot of colors on the screen in pixels and I don’t get a screen to operate anything at all. It goes back to black and that’s that. I get beeps that I have messages, email, but it just stays black. I cannot even see the screen to do a safe mode start or anything. It has always been in my LIfeproof case, so it looks brand new.

Solution: Just like the issue we tackled above this looks like a hardware problem already. Have you tried starting your phone in recovery mode? If you are unable to access the recovery mode then I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked. Since you didn’t drop the phone there’s a chance that this may just be caused by a loose connection. The worst case scenario is that you will have to replace the phone display.

If however you are able to access the recovery mode and can see the various options in this mode then I suggest you do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete your phone data so make sure to do this only if you have a backup copy of your phone data.

S5 Dropped Now Screen Is Black

Problem: I dropped my phone trying to unclip it from my otterbox clip it hit face down on the corner of a parking block and cracked the screen now it’s totally black can’t see anything can hear it ring it’s only a month old

Solution: If you are able to hear notifications on your phone then there’s a chance the display got damaged when you dropped the phone. The best way to proceed in this case is to have your phone checked at an authorized service center. There’s a possibility that the display will have to be replaced if it is found to be defective.

S5 Can’t Read Screen After Phone Got Wet

Problem: This phone advertises it is waterproof.  I had it in my shorts side pocket, with charger inlet fully closed.  Was walking on beach when large wave came up to my mid-thigh.  Pocket got wet, and phone damp on the outside.  That night I plugged in phone to charge it.  Next morning everything looked fine.  I left it plugged in for the day.  When I returned there was a mostly black, though some blue, mould like images on the screen.  As the evening progressed, this grew to the point where I could not read the screen, though I could see that as I swiped scrolling worked.  What could be the problem?  And what should I do about it?

Solution: One of the features of this phone is that it is water-resistant and dust-resistant . It has an IP67 rating which means that can be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. There are however some conditions that needs to be met in order for the phone to survive a dunk in the water. First, the back cover must be secured and must create a tight seal. Press the back cover until you hear a clicking on the edges. You should also make sure to press the cover just below the LED flash. The USB cover should also be covered tightly to seal the phone.

Since this problem occured right after the phone got wet then it’s possible that the phone internal hardware came in contact with water. You need to take out the battery first and check if there is any sign of liquid or moisture in your phone. I recommend placing the phone in a bag of rice for at least 48 hours then checking on it again. If the problem is still the same then I suggest you have your phone checked at an authorized service center.

S5 Screen Is Black After Battery Got Drained

Problem: I used it this morning to take a photo, and then put it into my bag. In the afternoon I heard it power off because the battery was drained. I couldn’t get to a charger until the evening. After I charged it and tried to turn it on, the phone makes the power up sounds and voicemail sounds, but the screen is completely black. I am not seeing anything, not even the android boot screen. I have tried pulling the battery, but the screen is still black. Please help, I have no backup phone and don’t have the money for a new one right now!

Solution: To fix this problem you need to take out the battery first then press and hold the power button for at least a minute. This discharges the phone circuit and clears out its RAM. Reinsert the battery then connect the phone to its wall charger. Let it charge for at least 20 minutes before turning on the device.

S5 Screen Flickers Black When Charging

Problem: After charging or during charging- the screen will not come back on. It will flicker and immediately go blank. It takes several attempts to get the screen to come back on. Can you help solve the problem?

Solution: Try isolating the charger first as this may be causing the problem by supplying an incorrect charging voltage. Use a different wall charger and charging cord when charging your phone then check if the problem still occurs. If it does then proceed with starting the phone in recovery mode and wipe its cache partition. This deletes the temporary data in your phone which could be causing the problem. If at this point the issue still persists then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

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