Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Slow Issue & Other Power Related Problems

One of the outstanding features of the #Samsung #Galaxy #S5 is that the 2800mAh battery it uses can provide an impressive 21 hours of talk time, 9 hours of web browsing, or 11 hours of video playback on a single charge. When the battery drains you will then need to charge it again. Normally, the charging process will not take long however some of our readers are having an issue with this. This is what we will be dealing with today as we aim to resolve the Galaxy S5 charging slow issue & other power related problems.

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S5 Charging Slow

Problem: Charging slow. I gave troubleshoot everything I can think off; New battery, new charger, used another S5 OEM charger (works on their phone not mine), factory reset, clear cache, remove battery to relieve static elec, clean charging port, restarted on safe mode, download Galaxy Charging Current (no matter what charger I use it reads at 300mA). Is there anything else I can do to save my phone?

Solution: It looks like the problem is already hardware related. It’s possible that something is wrong with the charging port or the power supply chip of the phone is faulty. For this issue I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked. The technicians will have the proper tools at their disposal to verify what particular component of the phone is causing this issue.

S5 No Power After Removing LCD Digitizer

Problem: The next day after removing my LCD and digitizer for repair my phone became unresponsive. No longer powers on, no light to show that it is taking a charge. It was left with no LCD and digitizer for one night.

Solution: It looks like something may have gone wrong during the LCD and digitizer replacement. Try to check if any cables have been removed and are now not connected. You should also check if any component has been affected during the replacement. If after careful scrutiny you can’t seem to find the problem I suggest you bring the phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Battery Level Increases And Decreases Automatically

Problem: Hi Droid Team, I am using galaxy s5 and noticed some weird problem my battery increases and decreases automatically. I mean if i left my phone at 30% battery after an hour it goes up to 33% and after some time it goes way down to 20%. I contacted samsung service centre they replaced my battery but I again encountered the same problem can you guys please help me.

Solution: My first assessment of the problem is that the battery could be the culprit. However, since you have already contacted Samsung regarding this and they replaced the battery without any effect then the next possible suspect is the phone software. Sometimes, a glitch in the software prevents the phone from reading the correct amount of charge left in the battery. This is the reason why sometimes the level goes up and down.

To troubleshoot this issue try wiping the cache partition of the phone from recovery mode first. This will delete the temporary data in the device which could be causing the problem.

If the above step fails then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S5 Battery Drains Fast After Software Update

Problem: since the ATT 5.1.1 update phone power is draining much faster than it was before update.  using the Samsung power mode that came with the phone.. many more internal apps were added by ATT through update ….???  my settings are as low as I can get by on the phone…  as I mentioned… power wasn’t an issue before the latest update… any suggestions?

Solution: Issue that occur right after a software update are usually caused by the data of the old software version that has not been completely taken out of the device. What you need to do in this case is to backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S5 Battery Gets Very Hot

Problem: Everytime I go to use my Samsung it starts restarting straight away and the battery is extremely hot.  will only stay on if I’m charging it

Solution: This is a potentially dangerous issue as the heat generated by the battery could cause burns or worse could start a fire. I would suggest that you get a new battery immediately and replace the old battery in your phone. If the issue still occurs with the new battery installed then there may be some shorted circuit in the phone. If this is the case I suggest you bring the device to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Turns Off On Its Own

Problem: My wife is having issues with her phone. It turns off on its own and a caution sign while charging. Comes on, what to do?

Solution: Since the phone turns off on its own and you are having an issue when charging the device I would suggest you try replacing the battery first. Both issues may be related and the prime suspect is usually the battery. If the issue still occurs with a new battery installed then follow the troubleshooting steps listed below.

  • Wipe the cache partition of your phone from the recovery mode. This deletes the temporary data of your device which could cause this issue.
  • Start your phone in Safe Mode. If the issue does not occur in this mode then an app you downloaded could be causing the problem. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.
  • If your phone has a microSD card installed try removing it. Observe if the issue still occurs.
  • Backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

S5 Won’t Turn On Without The Charger

Problem: Hi, I have the s5 and it keeps restarting and won’t turn on without  the charger can you please help me.

Solution: In most cases like this the main cause of the problem is a faulty battery. I suggest you get a new battery and see if this fixes the problem.

If the problem still occurs even with the new battery installed then do a factory reset. Take note that you will need to backup your phone data before doing this procedure.

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