Samsung Galaxy S4 Cannot Update Software Issue & Other Related Problems

Welcome to another installment of our troubleshooting series where we aim to resolve the #Samsung Galaxy #S4 issues that our readers are experiencing. In this latest post we will tackle the Galaxy S4 cannot update software issue & other related problems.

Samsung Galaxy S4

This phone has an impressive update history since it was first released running on Jelly Bean then updated to KitKat. Its final official update is Android Lollipop which has been made available to the phone by several carriers. Some owners however are finding it hard to update the phone software which is what we will discuss.

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S4 Cannot Update Software

Problem: I cannot update my device. I’m currently using android 4.4.2 and device status is official. I am not using at&t sim card. Whenever i go for checking updates, it says,  software update interrupted please try again after 24 hours to check if there are any updates for device. Please help me fix this error. Thanks in advance.

Solution: Ideally, you should have an AT&T SIM in your phone to get the updates since the phone will check for the update from the AT&T servers and this can be accessed by using an AT&T SIM. You should however check if an issue with your phone software is causing this problem by backing up your phone data then doing a factory reset. Once the reset is done check for the update again. If  the issue persists then try doing the update using Kies.

If you are unable to update your phone software using Kies then you should consider flashing your phone with the updated stock firmware file. Instructions on how to perform this procedure can be found at several of the Android forums online.

S4 Can’t Get T-Mobile Software Update

Problem: Well I still haven’t gotten the Lollipop Update which my Friends that also have a Galaxy S4 and T-Mobile did get the update. So I can’t figure out why I haven’t. I have had my phone for 2 years almost 3 months. I have even tried contacting T-Mobile Tech support no one can figure out why not?

Solution: Try backing up your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is done check if you can now get the update. If the update is still unavailable then you should try to use Kies in doing the update.

Remember, to be able to get the carrier update your phone must not be rooted and must still be running on its stock firmware.

If the phone still does not update then you should consider flashing the updated stock firmware file to your device. Instructions on how to perform this procedure can be found at several of the popular android forums online.

S4 Will Not Update

Problem: My phone will not update at all. When I go to my settings and go to about my device and scroll to look for upgrade phone it’s not even an option. I gotten rid of a lot of space and I have 6.27 GB but when I go to update Samsung software and it tells me what you have to do in order to upgrade at the top its says insufficient space available to download. can you please help me I can’t do certain things until it downloads.

Solution: If it says insufficient disk space then try wiping the cache partition of your phone from the recovery mode. If the problem persists then backup your phone data then do a factory reset. Once the reset is done check for the update. You can also do the update using Kies if the OTA method fails.

S4 No Updates Available

Problem: Automatic updates have not been available since the phone went from 4.2 to 4.3. I have looked for years for a manual solution without any luck. I am unable to locate the firmware file for this phone though I bought it from the original US carrier (GCI) in Anchorage Alaska. I would like to upgrade the firmware to a newer version but do not know what this S4 would be able to run. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Solution: If you want to get the latest Lollipop update on your device and it isn’t available on the GCI network yet then you might want to consider flashing an unbranded updated S4 firmware on your phone.

S4 Error Code 5 After Software Update

Problem: Did the update last Friday night. I got an Error Code 5 back and then it went to a yellow screen. And now it doesn’t work at all. Sprint had me try to do a factory reset and it didn’t work. Samsung guy tried to fix it also and basically told me that I have to buy a new phone.

Solution: If a factory reset fails to solve the issue I suggest flashing the stock firmware file to your phone. You can have the tech guys of Samsung do this or you can do it yourself. Instructions on how to perform this procedure can be found at several of the Android forums online.

S4 No Update Available

Problem: When I select “software update” nothing happens at all. No drop down or pop up menu to select the option to search for update. Kies says update is not available also.

Related Problem: It’s not updating to New Android versions. Whenever I check for updates, it says you are already at the latest update. I want to update the Android version. How to do it?

Solution: Several conditions must be met by the phone first before it can get the official update. First, the phone must not be rooted. Second, it must not be running on a custom software. Last but not the least, it should be on its original network so as to easily get the official update.

If your phone meets these conditions and it still can’t get the update then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

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  1. I have a S4 GT-19505 that is running Android version 4.2.2. When I check for Software updates it tells me that the latest updates have already been installed. I need version 4.3 or higher to be able to pair it with my fitbit.
    Is there any way I can upgrade my Android version to 4.3 or higher?
    Thank you!

  2. My samsung s4 would always tell me to restart that SIM card not detected. But the main issues is that no wifi , hotspot and Bluetooth won’t work. Tried factory reset and then it worked and stopped again. Very frustrating. The phone runs on android version 5.0.1 and its a GT-I9505 model. Please advise

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