Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Error When Installing App Issue & Other Related Problems

Accessing the Google Play Store from your phone allows you to get apps which you can install in your device. The #Samsung #Galaxy #Note4 for example is able to run almost all of the apps available in this store due to its powerful hardware specifications. Productivity apps, social networking apps, and even gaming apps can easily be handled by this phone. Sometimes though issues can occur when trying to install an app on the phone. This is what we will be discussing today as we tackle the Galaxy Note 4 error when installing app issue & other related problems.

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Note 4 Error When Installing App

Problem: I got the galaxy note 4 two days ago and I tried to download a couple games such as “minecraft,” “call of mini zombies,” “agario,” and “flappy bird” it will “download” but then show a pop up of the error stating it had an error and a link to a troubleshooting website and I followed all the steps that website still didn’t help.  After it shows the error message it “installs” but doesn’t it just says it’s installing but won’t install and won’t let other apps download please help and sorry if that wasn’t specific enough

Solution: Are you downloading the games from the Google Play Store? If not then I suggest you only get games from the Play Store so as to minimize the possibility of malware entering your phone.

Since you mentioned that some pop-up will appear with a link to a website then the phone could have some adware in it. If you have some personal data stored in your device I suggest you make a backup copy. Once the backup has been made do a factory reset. This deletes everything in your phone including malware or adware which could be present in your device.

Once the reset is complete download your favorite apps only from the Google Play Store. You should also consider installing a security software in your phone which should provide an added layer or protection from malware and other mobile threats.

Note 4 Emails Don’t Load

Problem: My main email account (not a GMail account) is set up as IMAP, not POP.  Until recently, emails stayed visible on my phone until I actively deleted them.  My desktop (Outlook 2016, set up for POP, not IMAP) does not delete them when read, it archives them after 90 days, as I have set it to do.  Now, I am told by my email app to ‘flick up to load more emails’, and my read emails disappear – flicking doesn’t work, and I can only see unread stuff.  This is really, really annoying and makes the phone useless as an email device.  My GMail account is not affected by this disappearing act – they are all there. What has changed?  There is no setting to change this, as far as I can see.  I have not installed any new apps.  Is Google/Android trying to make me use GMail rather than my own email provider?

Solution: If the Gmail app is not affected by this issue then it could be caused by the stock email app itself. Try clearing the cache and data of the email app from the app manager. This will delete the data and settings of the app. You will need to re-enter your email settings after this has been done.

If the problem still occurs then the email server could be having a problem. Try checking in a couple of hours of the issue still occurs. You should also to check on your email using a different device ( such as a computer) to verify if the email servers are working.

Note 4 Update Comes With App That Can’t Be Uninstalled

Problem: I updated my note 4 today. It was a small update consisting of 100 mb’s. The problem is that a new app, naming SHAHID, has also been installed with the update. I accidently have opened it and now i can’t uninstall it. The option of uninstalling is gone, instead a disable app has come up. I think this app is a spyware. Is there a way to uninstall this app ? Please help.

Solution: Searching on the Google Play Store you will find this app which allows you to stream movies and TV shows to your device. It appears to have been included in the latest phone update as a lot of people are also complaining about getting this app. Since it is a system app that came with the update there is no way to uninstall it unless you root your phone. You could however simply just disable the app to prevent it from running in your device.

Note 4 Camera App Does Not Close After Software Update

Problem: Brand new phone bought on 3/07/16. It performed a software update and now when clicking the app button on the left bottom side of the phone and closing all open apps, the camera one continues to stay up, I can close it and when pushing the app button again the camera tab pops back up…  Is this something I should worry?

Solution: Usually when the phone undergoes a software update data from the old software version is left behind. This data causes a conflict with the new software version resulting in this issue. I suggest you backup your phone data the do a factory reset to resolve this problem.

Note 4 Applications Downloaded To microSD Card Don’t Open

Problem: Applications that I downloaded TO the SD card ON this device used to be able to open and work properly. Now, they can’t be opened, in fact they don’t fully register at all. I say “don’t fully” because when I click on the “ghost icon”, it says ‘application not installed’ and then automatically opens the game’s’ page in Google play, and the page offers the choice for me to install it. However, apps that aren’t installed on the phone don’t leave icons behind, the icons are removed too. But these leave behind this weird icon of a transparent android picture with a mini icon of an SD card in the lower right corner. Not only all that, but once in a blue moon, the Apps WORK and ARE registered AND installed!! Also, all of these details were of true value BEFORE AND AFTER upgrading to Lollipop.. I’m stumped… If u need me to send screenshots, let me know. I would GREATLY APPRECIATE any and all help you can offer.. I’ve been trying to figure it out for a long time. Thanks again!

Solution: Installing apps to the microSD card is a great way of saving some space on the internal storage space of the phone. If you are a gamer and have several high capacity games then installing these games to the microSD card can be an advantage. One disadvantage to this however is if the microSD card has a problem then the apps can’t be accessed. This might be what is happening in this case. To troubleshoot this problem you will need to uninstall the apps from the microSD card. Use a new microSD card on your device then install your apps to it. Check if the issue disappears.

If you are still experiencing the same problem even with a new microSD card then the phone software could be the culprit. I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset to resolve the problem.

Note 4 Cannot Watch More Than 1 Video

Problem: Note 4 will allow me to to view a couple videos be it from Facebook or other sources then that’s it cannot watch more than one or two videos after that it’s continually trying to download videos to no avail.I can turn power off and back on or reset and same thing happens….annoying Oh! And btw, the SD card works FINE otherwise (photos, music, videos, pc files, etc.).. soo, ya.

Solution: There’s a possibility that some form of corrupt temporary data in your phone is causing this problem. To check if this is the case you need to start your phone in recovery mode then wipe its cache partition. Restart your phone then check if the issue still occurs.

Another factor that can cause this problem is a third party app installed in your device. Check if this is the case by starting your phone in Safe Mode. Once in Safe mode try to view the videos. If the issue does not occur then an app could be causing the problem. Find out what app this is and uninstall it.

If the above troubleshooting steps fail to resolve the issue then I suggest you backup your phone data then do a factory reset.

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