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Rumor: Upcoming HTC Nexus to sport a ‘3D Touch’ display

HTC One A9

According to a new rumor, the upcoming #Nexus flagship which is said to be coming out of HTC’s sheds will supposedly come with a pressure sensitive display on board, which is known in the Apple ecosystem as ‘3D Touch’, as seen on the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus smartphones. The feature is undoubtedly very attractive, although only time will tell if Google will do a good job of implementing it within stock Android.

Since the rumor mentions this to be a feature on the Nexus flagship of the year, it’s safe to assume that Google will build necessary software framework for a pressure sensitive display. However, it’s still early days and we can’t tell if the company will actually go ahead and use this tech, so take this particular revelation with a pinch of salt till then.

But as it stands, it’s not inconceivable that Google would look to get itself involved in something like this, considering how well Apple has done with 3D Touch. But before that day arrives, we can be assured of finding at least a dozen manufacturers using the same technology on their devices. In fact, Huawei’s Mate S flagship was one of the first to demonstrate a pressure sensitive display, even before the unveiling of the iPhone 6s and the 6s Plus actually. So there’s no reason why a feature like this can’t become mainstream on Android.

What do you make of this particular rumor? Is 3D Touch an appealing feature for you?

Source: Weibo

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