Quick fixes and answers to Samsung Galaxy S6 texting issues & other messaging problems

Texting problems are among the most common issues we received from Samsung Galaxy S6 (#Samsung #GalaxyS6) owners. So, this post is intended to answer some of the questions and solve some of the problems we received.


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  1. Can’t attach pictures to text message and vice versa
  2. Group conversation option disappeared on T-Mobile Galaxy S6
  3. Some group messages come in as empty bubbles
  4. Having difficulties receiving text messages from HTC One
  5. Can’t send a video through text message
  6. Can’t send text message to multiple recipients
  7. Send / Receive multimedia message through Wi-Fi
  8. Can’t receive group text from a certain number
  9. Verizon Galaxy S6 on MetroPCS Can’t download MMS
  10. Assign names to group messages on Galaxy S6

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Can’t attach pictures to text message and vice versa

Problem: When texting, I can’t combine both text and an attachment (usually a photo) in the same message.  When I first got my phone I could do this, but no longer. Now I only get the option to attach and send, so I’m forced to send two separate messages.

Also, most of the time when sending a photo when texting, the message does not send immediately, I get a long download time with a “Cancel” button at the bottom of the text. Sometimes these messages fail to get delivered, or are not delivered until hours later. This problem started at the same time as the above problem.

Solution: It has something to do with VoLTE; disable it and you should be able to send MMS or picture messages like you did before. Just open the Phone app > tap on More > choose Settings > under Call settings section tap Voice over LTE > choose Do not use VoLTE.

Group conversation option disappeared on T-Mobile Galaxy S6

Problem: Hi, so I and my roommates both have the Galaxy S6. I am on T-Mobile and he is on Verizon. When I got my phone back in the summer I really enjoyed the feature on the messaging app that let’s you quickly switch between group messaging or sending a single message to many people individually, I used it quite often. About a month ago my option for that disappeared, but my room mates still has the function. I haven’t figured out how to send a non group text to multiple people easily since the change, and I couldn’t find anything online and was hoping you could explain more, thanks.

Answer: There must have been an update that took it away. There’s nothing we can do about it as it’s your provider’s decision to take away such feature. If you want to enjoy it, you can actually rollback to the previous firmware version but be warned that manual flashing may void the warranty of your device.

Some group messages come in as empty bubbles

Problem: When there is a group text message, some of the messages that come through are empty bubbles. I see the name of the person and the time they sent it, but there is no message. It seems to happen with other people who have android phones. I know one person it happened with also has a Samsung S6 but is on Verizon. Thanks for the help!

Answer: I’m not really sure how your phone is setup but it seems like it has something to do with mobile data. Group messages are considered MMS, thus you need to enable your mobile data to send and receive them. Try to verify if you can sent and receive picture messages just fine because if so, the problem might be on the sender’s end.

Having difficulties receiving text messages from HTC One

Problem: I have problems receiving text messages from one particular kind of phone: the HTC one. I have never had any other problems texting iPhone or Windows phones or anything in group messages. But this particular phone doesn’t like group messages on my phone. And I’ve asked other friends with the same phone, and they don’t have my problem with the group message. One on one we are fine, group messages no luck.

Answer: Verify with the HTC One’s owner if he/she can send MMS messages because it seems like the mobile data on the phone wasn’t enabled or he/she has issues with APN. Perhaps the reason why you can’t receive a message from that phone is because it can’t send MMS.

Can’t send a video through text message

Problem: Every time I attempt to send a message with a bit of a video from my camera, it comes up as over the limit, then I can’t get it to go through email, only to Facebook where I have to the forward it to someone pager then delete it from Facebook, the recipient has to do the same to get the video, it can be 3 sec. Long…. No dice, what’s the issue?

Answer: When it comes to the amount of data transmitted over data network, there’s always a limit and there’s nothing we can do about it except shrink the size of the file you’re trying to send.

Can’t send text message to multiple recipients

Problem: Group messaging vs. Multiple Recipients messaging. When I attempt to send a text message to multiple recipients, the phone seems to automatically send it out as a Group Message. I even switch the default setting to off in the settings menu. Obviously, this is any aggravating problem. Any solution to this would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: Turn off the ‘Use MMS for Group Messages’ in the Messages Settings. Once you disabled that, text messages won’t be converted to MMS when you include multiple recipients but you should know that when recipients reply, they’ll be received as individual messages.

Send / Receive multimedia message through Wi-Fi

Question: On my Samsung Galaxy S6 I have to be using my mobile data to get and view the multi-media messages. Is there a way I can see the photo’s and group convos thru Wi-Fi? I would also like to get the message without having to press that download button. Every one knows it’s frustrating.

Answer: Multimedia messages are always transmitted through mobile data and there’s no workaround for that because that’s where service providers can profit from. You can, however, send text messages through Wi-Fi but not MMS.

Can’t receive group text from a certain number

Problem: I have 3 friends that I often group text with.  All three have iPhones. I can send texts to all 3 friends but only receive responses back from 2 of the friends.  We have looked at all the settings in the iPhone and my Galaxy S6 to find the issue but cannot find the problem.  Two of the three iPhone group members work fine; it’s only the third member of the group that can receive my texts but I do not receive their replies.  I can text back and forth fine with this third person individually; just not in a group. HELP!

Answer: The problem might be on their end and we can’t do something about that since we don’t know how his iPhone was set up. Just make sure his number isn’t blocked in your phone. As you can see, you can send group text and can receive the replies from two of the contacts. It’s clear enough your phone is working fine.

Verizon Galaxy S6 on MetroPCS Can’t download MMS

Problem: I recently switched my carrier from Verizon to MetroPCS. I have a Verizon Galaxy S6 that I am using on metropcs. Everything is working fine except for my group messages. When a text message comes in from a recipient in a group message it comes as an individual message that i need to download, when I click download the message doesn’t download. What can I do to fix this issue?

Answer: Just verify mobile data is enabled. If it’s turned on and you still have this issue, it’s clear the phone wasn’t set to use the APN from MetroPCS. Call your new provider and ask for the correct APN for your phone and ask the rep to guide you to set it up.

Assign names to group messages on Galaxy S6

Question: I was wondering if you could name group chats, like how on iPhone you can choose a customized name for your and group. It gets really annoying when you have so many group message and don’t know which is which. I tried that group contact thing but it did not work and was not what I was looking for.

Answer: No you can’t assign names to group conversations in your Galaxy S6.

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