No more faulty USB Type-C cables: Amazon removes non-compliant cables from its site

USB Type-C

A #Google engineer recently went on a mission to help you pick the best USB Type-C cables that are available out there. His goal was to keep customers away from Type-C cables that are known or alleged to be faulty. He is no longer doing this, but Amazon has now taken upon itself to remove third-party USB Type-C cables from its listings if they don’t comply with their regulations.

This is a godsend for customers who are looking for third-party USB Type-C cables and cannot be bothered with research on every item. Of course, not every non-compliant item will be removed by Amazon and it’s still possible that some new ones will pop out. But just as a rule, it’s always safer to use cables that come from reputed or known sources out there.

Have you bought a USB Type-C cable for any of the recently launched devices? Make sure you share your experience with us. In the meanwhile, you can check out the changes made to the Terms and Conditions by Amazon below.

Source: Amazon

Via: Phandroid

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