Nixon releases its first Android Wear smartwatch sporting a rugged exterior

Nixon - The Mission

#Nixon is a company that is popular for its wristwatches. The company has now stepped into the #AndroidWear fold with the release of the new smartwatch known simply as ‘The Mission‘. This wearable is unlike any other Android Wear smartwatch though and comes with an ultra-durable exterior, made using shock-resistant polycarbonate.


It also comes with a steel made ‘roll cage’ bezel covered by Gorilla Glass. The rugged exterior of the wearable ensures that it can survive up to 100 meters under water or a pressure of up to 10 atmospheres, which is unheard of in the smartwatch industry and very suitable for deep sea divers and the likes. Overall, The Mission is a pretty capable smartwatch and is a must have for those who have been in the search of a durable Android Wear smartwatch.

Nixon - Android Wear

The company hasn’t clarified the pricing of the wearable, but it is expected to cost somewhere around $400 when it is made available in the markets. The Mission will be available for purchase sometime later this year.