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LG G5 DAC audio module revealed to be compatible with other USB Type C devices


One of the key features of the #LGG5 is its ability to support additional accessories, making it a truly modular smartphone. A YouTuber has now found that one of these accessories, more importantly, the B&O DAC audio module is also compatible with other devices as long as they support USB Type-C.

The video shows how the module is put back in its holder and a USB Type-C cable is used to pair a Nexus 6P with the unit. While we cannot ascertain the audio quality from this YouTube video, it is said that it performs just as well as it would with the LG G5, suggesting that the module might have use even for those without the G5.

This is a major revelation and could urge more users to buy these audio modules from LG or Bang & Olufsen. However, functionality appears to be limited to USB Type-C devices for the time being as there’s seemingly no support for handsets that use the older micro USB ports.

Source: YouTube

Via: Digital Trends

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