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It only takes $255 to build the Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7

The #Samsung #GalaxyS7 smartphone has just started making its way to the customers around the globe. But have you wondered how much it costs Samsung to produce this smartphone? Well, we now have an answer to that with IHS’ Mobile Handsets Intelligence Service revealing that the Galaxy S7 only takes $255 to produce.

There’s no word on how much the Galaxy S7 edge takes to manufacture, but we would assume it would be slightly more expensive given that it uses the company’s dual edge display panel. But this report puts things in perspective for us fans who end up shelling out north of $600 for these new flagships while it takes the companies a lot less to make them.

Apple is a fine example of this and its production costs for the iPhone are even lower, which explains why the company makes profits that big in the mobile industry. Of course, companies also have to spend a lot on R&D as well as marketing of the products, but there’s no denying that the handsets still make a decent profit.

Source: IHS (Press Release)

Via: Techno Buffalo

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