Google working on an Amazon Echo competitor: Report

Amazon Echo

According to word coming out of a news outlet, #Google could be looking to cash-in on the personal home assistant sector, by releasing an Amazon Echo rival of its own. The details of this project are not known as of yet, but it seems like there will be Google Now integration built-in, which is only logical considering that this is supposed to be a voice guided device.

One surprise info coming through from this report is that Google will not involve the makers of Nest Thermostat with this project. Instead, it is said that this project will be handled independently by Google. It is rumored that the Google top-brass are not happy with Nest’s inability to bring out innovative products to the market and has hence decided to take this route.

As for an ETA on this particular device, we’re still pretty much in the dark. But given that Google I/O is usually host to these announcements, we can expect Google to share some more details then. I/O is scheduled to take place in May, so we don’t have long to wait. What do you think about an Amazon Echo competitor from Google? Hit or bust?

Source: The Information

Via: Techno Buffalo