Google contradicts itself by launching an Android Wear version of the Calculator app

Calculator - Android Wear

A couple of years ago, #Google was clearly seen to be against tiny and difficult to use apps like the calculator on #AndroidWear. However, it seems like the company’s stance has since softened, with the official Android Calculator app now having an Android Wear version as well.

So is the company turning on its own word? Yes. But does it matter? Probably not. Things change over time and it’s clear that Google has come to understand the need for a crucial app like Calculator for the wearable platform.

Users will simply have to get the updated version of Calculator from the Play Store and automatically find the app to be available on your Android Wear smartwatch as well. One of the perks of having its core apps on the Play Store is that it allows Google to push updates like these. If you haven’t seen an update to the Calculator app on your smartphone yet, make sure you hit the Play Store link below to manually check for it.

Source: Google Play Store

Via: Phandroid