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Google Apps customers can now have Hangouts Video Calls with up to 25 users

HangoutsIf you’re a customer of #GoogleApps (Business, Education or Government), you can now have a #Hangouts video conversation with up to 25 participants. The limit was previously capped to 10 users per video call, but Google is now offering this nice little incentive to users of Google Apps. Standard users will not see this change, though, so their limit will still be restricted to 10 participants per video call.

Google mentions that the changes will be spotted over the course of the coming days, so users who rely on Hangouts for their video calls should soon be able to add more users to their conversation. This is a server side update as the new feature will reflect on the web version of Hangouts, which essentially negates the need for a full blown update like on mobile devices.

So how exactly will 25 people manage to hold a video conversation? Well, Google claims that only 10 of the most recently active participants will be displayed at the bottom of the screen and the windows will change depending on the user that was more recently active in the conversation. This is a measure taken by the company to save bandwidth for the users.

Are you a Google Apps customer? What do you make of these changes? Sound off below.

Source: Google Apps

Via: 9to5Google

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