Galaxy S4 unable to hear voice of caller, other issues

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Hello guys! Here are more #GalaxyS4 problems and solutions taken from emails of some of our readers. We also suggest that you visit more S4 posts in this page if you can’t find a solution for your own issue.

  1. Galaxy S4 keeps restarting and stuck in boot screen
  2. Galaxy S4 audio not working properly
  3. Galaxy S4 unable to hear voice of caller
  4. Snapchat’s Lenses not working on Galaxy S4
  5. Galaxy S4 won’t boot up

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Problem #1: Galaxy S4 keeps restarting and stuck in boot screen

Good Afternoon everyone involved with “The Droid Guy”!

First off I would like to say that your site has been extremely helpful  in solving problems on my devices, and friends devices before.

I realize this is a completely free service and so I would not feel comfortable asking for help without trying everything, and spending hours online trying to work out the problem! (Not wanting to fork out $1000 yet for the S7, I’d like to keep this phone alive).

So, to the problem!

The S4 in question started running really slowly whilst I was away in Europe (originally from Australia). It then began to randomly freeze and restart, and the restart would ‘hang’ on the Samsung logo, requiring the battery to be taken out and then restarted.

This was about the same time as the new software update was released, so I simply downloaded the new software, updated all the apps, hoping that would fix it. No dice, still hanging/restarting/not able to boot up with a battery removal.

So, I ran in safe mode (Problem still persists, however admittedly less frequent it seemed – maybe I just used my phone less?). I then cleared the Cache, and ran in safe mode – No Dice. Removed SD card, and all large files, restarted – Problem Persists. Deleted all unnecessary apps, files, possible .APK files etc., still exact same problem.

So, I backed everything up and did a complete factory reset and wiped everything off it and started from scratch.

I barely had time to go into settings and see how much free space I had to play with before ‘Unfortunately Settings has stopped’ followed on by the inevitable restart.

I thought maybe a voltage change whilst overseas may have messed with the battery, however it is not warped and seems to perform perfectly fine.

I am at a loss, and after having tried everything I can, from all the sources I can find, I am not sure what is left! It sure is puzzling!

Being out of warranty it probably will not be worth taking into a store to get looked over, but perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and buy a new phone? A bit odd if there is no questionable problem!

Absolute Best Regards. — Rhys

Solution: Hi Rhys. A situation like yours can happen due to a number of reasons. Some devices freezes or goes into bootloop after an installation of a ROM and  still using the dalvik-cache of the old ROM. Others may be caused by some third party app issue, fatal virus, incorrect phone settings, bad operating system, or incompatible firmware upgrade.

Your primary task is to find what the true cause is. A good way to begin with is to identify what you did previously before the symptoms started to appear. If you think that they start after installing an update, there’s high likelihood that the new system files are interfering with each other causing slow performance and instability during boot sequence. Since you’ve already tried almost all the software tricks that a user can do on his/her end, the only remaining solution that we can suggest is that you flash a stock firmware. Manually installing stock firmware will ensure that everything is fresh from get-go.

You can use Google to find the instructions if you haven’t tried doing the procedure before. Be sure to know the correct model of your Galaxy S4 before downloading the exact firmware to avoid bricking your phone. Flashing a firmware is essentially modifying the software, which means it can be risky. Make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter to avoid complications.

Problem #2: Galaxy S4 audio not working properly

I have been having sound issues off and on for about 2 months now. When I turn my phone off/power cycle or reset it, sometimes the sound works in the intro and then stops working. In addition to my phone not producing any sounds, sometimes when i make a phone call, i cannot hear anything but the recipient on the other end can hear me; this is usually fixed by power cycling the phone multiple times over and over. The in-call sound issue is less common than the main sound issue.

Also going hand-in-hand with the main sound issue, when the sound is not working properly neither does the video player. It lags and is very slow like watching a slide show. I originally thought it could be a third party app causing the problem so I put the phone in “safe mode” to see if the sound would work. I got the same results in safe mode. It would work for a couple of seconds to a minute and then stop making any sounds. I’ve cleared the cached data, preformed a full factory reset (4 times in the last month).

I also had a brand new speaker put on the phone just in case that was the issue. When the problem persisted I had my phone “flashed”, it did not solve the problem either and the tech who performed the “flash” suggested that it is an issue in the phones software.

Two weeks ago after a routine power cycle, (dye to not being able to hear anything in call) the sound started working again and continued working for 6 days straight, then randomly stopped again.

I know that it is not a speaker or volume issue because when it does work, it is loud and clear. AT&T techs suggested I download an app called “Sound About”; it did nothing for me and has since been uninstalled.

With as advanced as phones are becoming, I have a hard time believing that this problem is not a simple fix. I’ve Google every possible solution and even tried all of the suggested trouble shooting tips on your site to no avail. It is certainly getting to be a hassle, having a phone and not being able to watch videos, listen to music, hear my awesome ring tones etc. Please tell me there is a magic “cure all” solution that I just have yet to stumble upon. I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter and thank you in advance for your help.

Should you need any further information or explanation of the issue please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cordially — Heather

Solution: Hi Heather. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as “cure all” solution that we can provide. If you’ve read some of our posts, you will notice that we’re here to give some suggestions on how to find that exact cause of the problem, and sometimes offer solutions for them. Diagnosing an issue is a critical part of our “service” but if we can’t pinpoint the problem, we offer the basic software troubleshooting and solutions to hopefully fix something. In your case, it appears that you have already tried everything a user can do to identify the culprit but to no avail. It’s our first to encounter this particular issue on a Galaxy S4 so this may be an isolated case. That the problem happens intermittently though makes us believe that there is no hardware issue involved. There must be a software or app glitch behind this trouble.

We suggest that you do another round of factory reset and observe the phone for at least 48 hours. Make sure not to install anything throughout the observation period so you’ll know if an app is to blame. If the speaker or sound will work normally during this time, try to install apps individually, keeping in mind to observe how sound works each time.

Problem #3: Galaxy S4 unable to hear voice of caller

I frequently receive an incoming call and hear no voice on the other end when I answer. Caller says later it rings 2-3 times and the call drops. Also, when I call out, a large percentage of the time the phone shows “ringing” but is not ringing necessitating at least one additional dial. My wife uses a 3III; both of us are with Cricket. She is experiencing none of these problems. Also, I almost never see the 4G whereas my wife does. Last night I verified by putting them side by side that it’s not position in the house.

FYI: This is my third S4, original new when AT&T switched to GSM; replacement was refurb, third was new, at my insistence. All have same problem. I think something is wrong with the S4 technology.

I now have a new problem: I followed your directions to try a soft reset; result was all my screens are gone, replaced by much larger fonts and a different Accuweather widget and my documents folder has disappeared. I AM REALLY SICK OF THIS PHONE AND HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME. — Robert

Solution: Hi Robert. Call issues like what you have are almost always network-related so this must be very frustrating for you, especially if a carrier can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong. That doesn’t mean though that we can be of much help as our suggestions are centered on fixing problems on the phone itself.

If you want to do basic troubleshooting on your phone before calling AT&T again, we recommend that you begin with wiping the cache partition. A corrupted or outdated system cache can sometimes result to weird glitches so refreshing it is good. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Press and hold the following three buttons at the same time: Volume Up key, Home key, Power key
  • When the phone vibrates, let go of the Power key but continue to press and hold the Volume Up key and the Home key.
  • When the Android System Recovery screen appears, release the Volume Up and Home keys.
  • Press the Volume Down key to highlight ‘wipe cache partition.’
  • Press the Power key to select. The phone will automatically restart after the cache is wiped.

You also want to see if a third party application is to blame and the best way to do that is to restart the phone in safe mode.

When in safe mode, your phone will prevent third party applications from running. If the issue won’t occur in safe mode, that’s a confirmation that you need to uninstall apps until the issue has been eliminated.

To boot in safe mode, just follow these steps:

  • Turn the device off completely.
  • Press and hold the Power button.
  • Once the Samsung Galaxy S4 logo appears on the screen, release the Power button.
  • As soon as you release the Power button, press and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Continue holding the Volume Down key until the phone has completed the reboot process.
  • If you can read ‘Safe Mode‘ at the bottom left corner of the screen, release the Volume Down key.  Otherwise, repeat the process until you can boot the phone to Safe Mode.

If you want a more drastic solution, you can also opt to do a factory reset. As the name suggests, this procedure will restore all default settings of your apps and operating system. This will also give you back the default widget settings. For easy reference, here are the steps to do it:

  • Switch your phone off.
  • Hold down the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds. Release them when the Android logo appears on the screen. This will bring up the unlock/reset menu.
  • To navigate through this menu, use the Volume Up/Volume Down buttons to scroll up and down and the power button to confirm selections.
  • Scroll down and select Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
  • Scroll down and select Yes – Delete All User Data.
  • When prompted, scroll to and select Reboot System Now. The phone will then reboot to its factory settings.

Problem #4: Snapchat’s Lenses not working on Galaxy S4

Hi, I’m having a problem with my Snapchat app. I just had an S4 for 3 years and never had a single problem with Snapchat. I bought a brand new S4 and now Snapchat has a problem. The lenses on Snapchat work fine when you take a picture, but when I try to take a video with the lenses, it says “Lenses is not supported on your device”. With my last S4 it worked perfectly. This brand new S4 it will not work on. I’ve tried researching all over the internet and nothing has helped. Snapchat is up to date, I’ve tried installing and re-installing etc etc.

Could you please tell me how I can fix this ? I’m an addict with Snapchat and this is driving me crazy. I also  do not have the filters for “fast forward, slow motion, and reverse”. — Tim

Solution: Hi Tim. This problem is best answered by Snapchat developer team than by us and we have no way of knowing why a certain feature won’t work on your device. It won’t hurt though if you try to make sure that your phone is running the latest available Android version. If your phone’s firmware is up-to-date, please contact Snapchat by visiting their support website.

Problem #5: Galaxy S4 won’t boot up

After going for a run my music stopped and my phone wouldn’t turn on. i took the battery out hoping it would do something but whenever i put it back in the phone screen just shows the restarting screen but actually doesn’t restart. This is the same thing that has happened to my HTC ONE M7. I don’t know if it’s the charger or the socket or something but i don’t know how to fix it or bring it back.

Please help. This has happened to me 2 times and i have had to reboot and download all my songs 2 times too much.

I actually don’t know the Android version so the Android version isn’t really true. I just did it so i can move on to this part of the help section. Hopefully you guys can help me. — James

Solution: Hi James. Try to boot your phone first in safe mode to see if an app is preventing the phone from completing the boot sequence. If that won’t help, consider doing a factory reset via recovery mode. Please refer to the previous suggestions above.


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