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[Deal] SanDisk 200GB microSD card available for $79.99

SanDisk 200GB

SanDisk’s 200GB microSD card can now be snatched for just $79.99 thanks to a new deal running over at Amazon. The deal was very popular a few weeks ago, but the seller decided to revert back to its original pricing. But customers will be pleased to know that the $80 promo is back again. Bear in mind that not all smartphones currently support microSD cards of 200GB, so you need to check with your manufacturer before making the purchase.


Most new smartphones that come with microSD card slots are built with support for up to 200GB though, with some of the newer lot even supporting up to 1TB, so you should be well covered if you purchased a smartphone recently. Then again, the functionality of a microSD card is not just limited to smartphones and you can also use it on cameras or simply carry it as a storage device (albeit a relatively expensive one).

Any takers for this offering from SanDisk?

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