Casio Smart Outdoor Watch now selling on the Google Store for $499

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch

Casio’s #AndroidWear offering, otherwise known as the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch is now available directly from the Google Store. The smartwatch has been priced at $499.99, which is partially justified given that it’s supposed to be a rugged offering (going by the name at least).

Casio is a renowned name in the wrist-watch segment, which makes this offering very important for the company as well as Google’s smartwatch library. The wearable comes with the latest version of Android Wear and is promised to receive the latest updates as well. However, one might not be able to shell out $499.99 for the wearable, considering that a standard sized smartphone can be bought for the same price.

What’s surprising is that the smartwatch is lacking GPS on board. This feature is a standard on most new wearables, which makes the omission a bit surprising to us. But if that’s not much of a caveat for you, make sure you hit the Google Store page below and get the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch.

Source: Google Store