AT&T supposedly planning an Android rival with Cyanogen and ZTE

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Turning away from #Android has been tried before. Look at #Samsung, which is trying its hand at #Tizen. However, a new report is talking about cellular carrier AT&T being interested in developing an operating system of its own, to rival Google’s Android. It is believed that software developers #Cyanogen and Chinese manufacturer #ZTE will help the carrier on this project.

Cyanogen’s anti-Android agenda isn’t exactly news to us. But it’s interesting to see that ZTE is joining the fray as well, which is known for a wide range of budget and mid-ranged Android devices that are selling through prepaid carriers in the U.S.

So should this concern anyone? Well, no. Because this won’t be an inexpensive affair and would probably take a year or two to come to fruition. Further, the fact that Android is the most versatile operating system out there (not necessarily open, though) will make things difficult for this purported AT&T OS. So why is the carrier hell bent on developing an operating system of its own? Well, our guess is that AT&T wants to have the liberty to install more bloatware apps that can be forced on users.

The report is still not confirmed, so take this particular revelation with a pinch of salt for the time being.

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Source: The Information

Via: 9to5Google