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AMOLED displays now cheaper to produce: Could we see more AMOLED phones?

AMOLED - Galaxy S6

#AMOLED panels are standard on Samsung’s Galaxy flagships as we all know. But as of now, they are a rare commodity in the mobile industry. But that trend could be changing soon with the production cost of an AMOLED panel cheaper than a standard TFT LCD panel. This is big news and could see a major change in mindset among mobile OEMs.

The report from IHS Technology mentions that a standard 5-inch Full HD AMOLED panel costs $14.30 while an LCD panel in the same size costs $14.60 for an LCD display. There’s still no word on how much a Quad HD display would cost, but it’s pretty evident that the gulf is narrowing. So what exactly could this mean for the mobile industry?

Well, we have already seen manufacturers like Motorola, HTC etc using AMOLED panels, while a wide range of Chinese OEMs have also resorted to using AMOLED panels. Now with AMOLED panels becoming cheaper than LCD panels, we don’t see why manufacturers would want to stick with LCD panels. Sure, LCDs have their advantages as well, but one must agree that AMOLED would be the preferred choice of most manufacturers if the cost was not a concern.

Source: IHS Technology

Via: Android Authority

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