Verizon offering 2GB of free data for life to customers of the XL and XXL plans

Verizon Wireless Logo

Who doesn’t like free data? Well, #VerizonWireless understands this faction very well and is offering 2GB of free high speed LTE data to new and existing customers on its XL and XXL data plans. The deal will last a lifetime and as long as you’re using Verizon. The bonus data can also be shared with devices that are signed up on the user’s Verizon account.

Tablets and other connected devices are not eligible to get the bonus data as this is only limited to phone lines. If you have a family group on either of these plans, each member stands to get 2GB of data, which is pretty attractive from a customers’ perspective.

Verizon enjoys America’s largest LTE coverage and a vast number of users. This could just be the trigger for those on other networks to try out Verizon Wireless. The carrier mentions that this is a limited time promotion, so you might not have much time on your hands. Head over to the carrier’s page below for more details.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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