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Upcoming Samsung Gear smartwatch could identify users by their veins

Samsung Gear Vein Tracking

According to a new report, the upcoming version of the #Samsung #Gear smartwatch could have a rather unique feature on board, something that no one else in the industry has tried before. Well, it is said that the company’s next wearable will have vein tracking technology, which could allow users to be identified or authenticated by their veins.

Now we can call this a gimmick and disregard this, but it’s too early to jump to conclusions at this point. As we’ve seen with the heart rate sensor, this biometric scanning system has the potential to become a mainstream feature in Samsung’s devices. It is being speculated that this feature would be an authentication tool, similar to how fingerprint scanners are utilized today. There was talk of Samsung using a heart-rate based authentication sometime in the near future, so a feature like this makes sense as well.

At this point, this is merely a patent filing from Samsung, so it is very possible that the feature might not make its way to Samsung’s smartwatches at all. But it’s good to know what kind of technology could be ahead of us. What do you make of this proposed authentication feature from Samsung?

Source: Fast Company

Via: Phandroid

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