Upcoming HTC smartphones to come with Keeper password manager app

Keeper - Password

Security is a vital aspect of mobile usage these days. Keeping your password secure is one of the biggest concerns for mobile users today. This is why there are a myriad of password manager apps out there aiming to offer the best experience to the customers. One of them is Keeper, which has just announced a partnership with HTC, with future smartphones from the company expected to feature the app by default.

It is said that users will be given the option to choose between a free and paid subscription, ensuring that current¬†paid customers are not left out to dry. While HTC hasn’t clarified as to which handsets will pack Keeper, we can speculate that the One M10 a.k.a the Perfume will be a likely candidate.

Smartphones are the unified devices for online access. Convenience, security and privacy are all major concerns for mobile users. With Keeper, HTC customers can access their apps, sites and private information quickly and at the same time, feel safe knowing their passwords, photos and private information are secure in their Keeper vault,” said Keeper Security CEO and Co-Founder, Darren Guccione.