The Google Store now has a new category for VR devices

Google Store VR

Taking the flourishing virtual reality market into consideration, #Google has just launched a new segment on the #GoogleStore for VR headsets. Although there are just a few headsets on offer right now, this seems to be a logical step from Google considering how many VR headsets are out there. We can expect to see a bundle of new VR headsets as we head towards the latter part of 2016, with Oculus and HTC’s Vive headset already prepping to hit the markets.

As of now, the Google Store page has the Google Cardboard for $15, Google Tech C1-Glass VR Viewer also for $15 as well as the Mattel View-Master VR for $30. All these viewers are capable of displaying Cardboard content, so we can expect Google to add more such devices in the future.The site itself is yet to get a dedicated link to the cardboard headsets page, but given the limited choices on offer right now, we’re not particularly surprised by this.

Make sure you head over to Google Store link below for more details on the headsets that the company is currently offering.

Source: Google Store

Via: Pocketnow