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Sprint brings back the 2-year contract

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Sprint has pulled a 180 today. After killing them last month, Sprint is reviving the 2-year contract model for devices. This is a surprise, especially since all carriers have been dropping contracts since T-Mobile first introduced installment plans in 2013.

The reason Sprint has given for the flip in policy is that they are giving customers, “more choices to get their new device.” While that may be their reason, my reasoning is that because it is easier to get out of an installment plan by paying off the rest of your device than it is to kill a contract, people are still leaving Sprint for other carriers.

With a two-year contract, even with other carriers paying off both installments and contract these days, some Sprint customers may feel that it is easier to wait out their contract before switching to another provider. Plus, if families are involved, most likely the contract end dates are all different from each other, making it more difficult to figure out the total cost of switching.

Those are my thoughts on why Sprint is reinstating two-year contracts, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments why you think Sprint is reinstating contracts for their customers.

Source: Fierce Wireless via Greenbot

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