Skype brings group video calling to Android

Skype Video Calling

A new update to #Skype is finally introducing group video calls on #Android and #iOS. The update lets you add multiple people to a video conversation, making video calls more fun and interactive.

Of course, functionality will be limited to the kind of internet connection you have and also to some extent the kind of device you own, so don’t expect a snappy performance across the board. However, Skype is promising to offer HD video all throughout and SILK Super Wide Band support for undistorted audio.

Although Skype has issued the update for Android already, it might take some time to appear on all devices, so don’t lose your patience if it’s not visible yet. Knowing Microsoft, the update should be rolling out globally, so you might only have to wait a day or two at the most before getting an update.

I’m yet to try out the feature myself, but it seems quite exciting already. The feature is available on the desktop versions of the app, so its addition on mobile devices is welcome, knowing how advanced front facing mobile cameras have become today.

Source: Skype