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Samsung will supposedly release the Gear 360 VR camera with the Galaxy S7

Samsung Gear 360 - Project Beyond

Samsung’s Project Beyond was expected to bring virtual reality cameras to the consumers. And it seems like the company is finally ready with a finished product of the same, calling it the #Gear360. According to information coming from a reliable #Samsung source, the camera will be released alongside the Galaxy S7 later this month.

The Gear 360 (as you can see from the image above), consists of 16 cameras and is capable of recording 360 degree content in real time. The source was also able to confirm that there will be dedicated apps to control the camera, which would pack features like Liveview, exposure control, ISO, white balance etc. However, it’s still uncertain at this point if Samsung will allow streaming of videos in real time to other devices.

In essence, the Gear 360 and its companion app should function exactly like any Bluetooth/WiFi based camera. But Samsung might be looking to give users deeper control to the users with the addition of a wide range of lenses and shooting modes. More details are awaited on the specifics of the Gear 360, but it seems like Samsung is betting big on virtual reality.

Will you be interested in a product such as this?

Via: Sam Mobile

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