Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen Blacks Out Issue & Other Related Problems

The #Samsung Galaxy #S5 is a smartphone best known for having one of the best displays. Released in 2014, this 5.1 inch device sports a Super AMOLED display that has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Because of its Full HD screen the images on the device appear vivid and lifelike. Sometimes though not everything works perfectly for this phone as there are instances when screen related problems can occur. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting series we will tackle the Galaxy S5 screen blacks out issue & other related problems. We have selected several issues of this nature sent to us by our readers and have addressed them below.

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S5 Screen Blacks Out

Problem: Hi, there is issue on my S5. I accidentally drop it on the floor. And when i tried to open it’s works. But the main issue is sometimes the screen was black out and the phone doesn’t work. Like you can’t use it unless if i tried to remove the battery and turn on but sometimes hard to on the phone because it won’t work the power key like it doesn’t on if i press the power key. I have to remove the battery for several times till it’s open the phone. But, it’s work the screen and everything is fine just when sometimes it’s suddenly blank and hard to re open again. What should i do to fix this issue.? Is this from lcd or not.? How do i know if the lcd is not working anymore.? Help me please.! Thanks

Solution: The drop may have affected some components inside your phone. It’s either a connection got loose somewhere or the display got damaged. You should however check if the problem is software related by starting your phone in recovery mode. Check if the screen still blacks out in this mode. While in this mode try to press with sufficient pressure  on certain areas of the display and see if it blacks out. You should consider doing a factory reset in this mode if the issue does not occur. Make sure though that you backup your data first.

If the problem still occurs even in recovery mode then this could already be a hardware related issue possibly due to the drop. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Black Screen That Does Not Respond

Problem: Hello, I have a black screen that does not respond to anything. Buttons and notification lights are working, it does vibrate and touch screen vibrates, but it’s completely black. When you try to press home or power button sometimes faded line flickers. I tried to remove the screen to see the connections, but noticed that lcd heating dispersion pad was not attached to lcd anymore, so would like to ask whether that could be causing the problem or it is just the lcd itself?

Solution: The heating sheet that is not attached to the LCD anymore is just there to evenly distribute the heat from the display. This usually peels off or gets damaged when removing the display from the assembly and is not a factor that can directly affect the black screen issue that your is having.

There are two possible reasons why this issue is happening. First, it could be a software related problem. To check if this is the case you need to start the phone in recovery mode. If you are able to access this mode then the chances of this being a software problem is high. From here you need to do a factory reset. Take note that this will delete all of your phone data so make sure to have a recent backup.

The second reason why this issue is happening is if it is a hardware related problem. If you are unable to access the recovery mode then it is highly likely that the phone display is damaged. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Screen Is Completely Black

Problem: On Christmas day around 5 pm I noticed a small purple patch of light looking thing I didn’t think anything of it because this would be my second time replacing this phone. I was still able to use my phone but it started to get worse as the night went on. I thought If I restarted it maybe it would go away. I did and seemed to get worse. I started to panic because I’m like attached to my phone and I absolutely love my phone. I placed it on charger and when I woke up I could no longer see my screen. It went completely black. The back button and the recent app button at the bottom would light up indicating that the phone still worked but I couldn’t use my phone. I’ve tried everything and I’ve been a while without my phone and this is my last resort please please please help me!

Solution: It looks like the display may have broken. This is what usually happens when you see a colored patch on the screen that seems to be getting larger until nothing can be seen on the display. You should first check if this is a software related issue by trying to start your phone in recovery mode. If you can see the different options available in this mode then I suggest you choose the factory reset option. Take note that this will delete all of your personal data stored in the device so proceed at your own risk.

If you are unable to access the recovery mode then it’s very likely that this is already a hardware related problem. I suggest you bring the phone to an authorized service center and have it checked. You probably would need to have the display replaced.

S5 Green And Purple Vertical Stripes Appear

Problem: battery and return white lights are showing up when phone turned on. Green and purple vertical stripes appear and then turn blank. can feel the phone vibrating but cannot see anything on screen. Have removed, sim and battery and reinserted to no avail. Please help.

Solution: Try starting your phone in recovery mode. If you can access this mode then I suggest you do a factory reset. Make sure to have a backup of your phone data before doing this procedure. If you are unable to access the recovery mode then the problem is most likely hardware related. If this is the case then I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Blank Screen After Phone Dropped

Problem: I accidentally drop my Galaxy s5. It’s about 3 inches long.   I open it but all I see is a blank screen. But the light like led indicator are still working. The ringtone of a message are working too. but the only  problem is a black/blank screen. I hope you can help me :)) or my mother will kill me THANK YOU! GOD BLESS

Solution: It’s possible that the drop may have affected the phone display. Have you tried starting the phone in recovery mode or safe mode? If you are able to access any of the two modes then I suggest you do a factory reset to eliminate any software related issues that can cause this problem. Make sure to have a backup of your phone data before doing this as this will delete all data stored in the phone.

If you are unable to access the recovery mode or safe mode then the phone display may need to be replaced. I suggest you bring your phone to an authorized service center and have it checked.

S5 Screen Flickers

Problem: As the device goes into standby, the lower half of the screen flashes rapidly.  It does the same thing when the screen brightness is on auto, in a dimly lit room, or if you manually turn the brightness level down below about 30%.

Solution: One common problem that affects most phones using a Super AMOLED display is the screen flickering issue. This is due to the technology being used. However, in the case of your phone it isn’t normal. Try to start your phone in recovery mode then wipe its cache partition. This will delete the temporary data in your phone that could be causing the problem. If the issue persists I suggest you backup your phone data and do a factory reset.

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